About Us

About Us

Viezec, a leading healthcare service provider in New Delhi, India, is associated with many renowned hospitals and institutes specializing in treatment of all types of transplants to cancers.It works with an aim to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to patients from across the world. Our medical tourism service in India can be broadly defined as provision of economical private medical care in collaboration with the medical tourism industry for international patients needing surgical and/or other forms of specialized treatment.

Some of our services include: 

  • Online assistance to the Patients
  • Suggesting hospitals/research institutions as per treatment and budget
  • Best treatment by internationally trained Doctors in India
  • Stay arrangements, pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization
  • Taking appointment with the selected doctor prior to arrival
  • Managing accommodation for family members and attendants
Searching a right hospital or a research institute is quite a long/annoying and dull work so we come to existence as a healthcare service provider and ensure each patient vising India gets a professional service in a reputed and known healthcare facility. In addition, with our assistance patients will get high quality healthcare services at cost effective rates in the best possible manner. We can be accessed round the clock through all mediums of communication, including cell phones, emails and whatsup.
Company Profile of Viezec Medical Health Care

Company Profile

Viezec is a well experienced healthcare consultant in New Delhi, India, and serving the international patients for the past couple of years.

Vision & Mission  For Health Care Services

Vision & Mission

Viezec vision to response quickly to medical care support and healthcare services needed by patients located different parts of the world.


Why India

There are a number of reasons such as competent doctors, well equipped research institutions, world class medical facilities, cost effective treatment options.

Viezec For Medical Tourism Services

Why Viezec

Viezec is a reputed and known healthcare consultant in India and is home to a number of enthusiastic, energetic and skilled professionals.

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