The country of India is a study in divergences, old and new, antique and contemporary, and this is shown even in their health and medical care today. Over 50 years ago, there was a society called the Indian Cancer Society which was established as a Public Trust for the nation. This is still the top national anti-cancer group for India. They work to take care of the poor in India and they help keep an eye on occurrences of diverse kinds of cancers, as well as serving several other functions. This society keeps track of all of the resources that are accessible for cancer treatments and also aids to record the trends and other information about cancer in India which are required by the government and medical specialists. Much work is done in working with the rural poor and they have even established a rehabilitation center for cancer patients and fighters in the country which is recognized as one of the largest and best in all of Asia.

The contemporary methodology of cancer treatment in India does not vary much from standard protocols in the USA. India has access to the several diverse surgical operations and palliative therapies. They also have radiation clinics and treatment centers, typically located in the hospital settings. Chemotherapy treatment modalities and other medications are also in use. There are several skilled doctors in India and many of them have trained for years in other nations to learn the cutting-edge skills. For more info on cancer treatment in Delhi, visit Viezec today!

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