All About Liver Transplant Surgery

All About Liver Transplant Surgery

Liver transplant is a surgical process that encompasses the replacement of an un healthy liver with a healthy one. Donated ones can be acquired from donors who have passed away lately and have not had organ damages. These kinds of donors are called cadaver donors. Alternatively, donated livers can be acquired from healthy and willing individuals. A healthy individual can donate part of his/her liver. These kinds of donors are called living donors. The living donor's liver then develops again in time, with both the donor and receiver ending up with a working one after a fruitful transplant surgery.

Surgical procedure

Healthy livers should implement over 400 tasks day-to-day, including making protein mandatory for blood clotting; making bile that aids with digestion; storing fats, iron, sugars, vitamins and copper; and eliminating/changing medicines, toxins and bacteria in the blood. A doctor often confiscates a new one from the donor via surgical cuts in the upper portion of the belly. The donor liver is kept in a chilled saline (salt-water) solution that benefits to preserve the organ for 8 hours. All the essential tests are then implemented to match donors with the recipients. The donation is then implanted in the patient who entails the donation (i.e. the recipient). It is then attached to the bile pipes and blood vessels, with the surgery taking about 12 hours. Recipients often necessitate large amounts of blood via transfusion.

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