How Can Stem Cells Prove Beneficial for Diabetic Patients?

How Can Stem Cells Prove Beneficial for Diabetic Patients?

Human stem cells taken from the umbilical cord of newborn babies’ exhibit potential for treating a multiplicity of diseases. Stem cells are unspecialized cells with the aptitude to change into an assortment of cell types specifically for whatever function the body might need. When human stem cells were inoculated into their thighs, it was found their blood sugar levels and their need for insulin was suggestively abridged. The patients' immune systems displayed improvement and the levels of molecules related with inflammation were considerably reduced.

The benefits of lowering blood sugar and the requirement for insulin are evident. Keeping blood sugar under control with as little medical intervention as conceivable is the main objective of Type 2 diabetic management. Individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes tend to be vulnerable to infections. They are prone to fungal infections of the:

  • Mouth,
  • Nails,
  • Groin,
  • Facial bones,
  • Vagina and
  • Urinary tract

The urinary tract is also vulnerable to bacterial infections, as are the ears, gall bladder, muscles and fascia, the covering around muscles and organs. Foot infections, generally from bacteria, are a continual threat. Infections can cause blood sugar levels to actually go out of control. Type 2 diabetes is an ailment of inflammation, so decreasing inflammation is likely to improve diabetes, as well as other inflammatory disorders. They often have rheumatoid arthritis, another inflammatory diseases and controlling their blood sugar levels often advances their arthritis as well. Psoriasis is another inflammatory disease seen in diabetics more often than in non-diabetics. You can cure all this by visiting Viezec for stem cell therapy for diabetes.

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