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  • Anti-Ageing Treatment in India 

    Anti-ageing treatment & anti wrinkle treatment in India is popular for being affordable. With the passage of time, the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin has become daily nightmarish experience. But you can get rid of it if you have access to proper healthcare consultants. There are a number of factors, which contribute toskin aging and appearance of wrinkles, including unhealthy life style, stress, dependency on processed and ready to eat foods, caffeine, alcohol, smoking and harmful habits such as lack of exercise and pollution. Natural home remedies are also available fortreating wrinkles and skin aging. But the process is helpful for certain limit. If it is beyond the limit, one should look for non-surgical or surgical facelifts / skin tightening in New Delhi, India.     
    Most of the accredited hospitals and research institutes in India have Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery department to ensure youthful appearance of their international as well as domestic patients. The cosmetic and plastic surgery centers and hospitalswork with the main aim of helping their patients to get back their firmer and toned skin. In addition, they can also customize the treatment plan and procedure based upon the requirements of a patient with best and affordable Anti Age Treatment in New Delhi, India. Medical tourism in India has flourished by manifold as the hospitals and their cosmetic surgeons are well equipped with the latest technology and skilled supporting staffs. 

    Some Common Anti Age Treatment in New Delhi, India

    • Wrinkle Fillers
    • Skin Toning or Tightening
    • Botox Treatment
    • Facelifts / Skin Tightening

    Wrinkle Fillers Injections in New Delhi 

    With aging, it is common that people lose their youthful face. Do you want to regain the soft, beautiful, supple and smooth skin? Everyone wants to look handsome, smart and appealing, but do not know how. Wrinkledermal fillers injectionsare the best option to regain youthful appearance. The injections in India are placed into or beneath the skin that add volume to the face. However, every cosmetic and plastic centers offer the treatment, but centers located in New Delhi are cost effective. The injections offer a subtle, but effectual improvement of the skin, and the effects can be noticed immediately after the procedure.

    Skin Toning or Tightening Procedure and Its Cost

    You eat nutritious food and follow dietician’s diet chart, but definitely no one will be able to regain youthful appearance as you was in your teens.With age, the skin of everyone loses the ability to produce the required amount of collagen and elastin in order to retain the skin’s elasticity and firmness. If you want youthful appearance, you need to considerskin toning or tightening procedurein India.The cosmetic surgeons help your skin bounce back and get firmer and look younger.The hospitals and cosmetic centers in India have latest machines and qualified staffs to perform surgical procedure to enhance look of skin by skin toning or tightening procedure. India experiences a number of international patients dus to cost effective services at well-equipped cosmetic centers. 

    Botox Treatment Cost in India

    It is natural that your skin starts losing its charm and beautywith age. No one can stop the process, but treatments are available to slow it. Botox treatment in India is a perfect treatment of anti-ageing or the process of slowing down the effects of age on the skin. People from all over the world approach India for the procedure as the cost of the treatment is reasonable if compared to other countries. Botox injections are placed below the affected area. You should consult your physician before the procedure so that he/she can perform some tests to ensure your candidature. Botox treatment cost in India is also minimal attracting people from all over the world. Healthcare consultants, like Viezec, makes India visit for medical tourism easy and smooth. 

    Facelift Surgery / Skin Tightening Procedure in India

    Do you have sagging and wrinkle on your skin? If your answer is yes, you need to get rid of as they will mar your facial beauty. There is nothing more frustrating than waking up one day and seeing sagging skin and wrinkles all over your face. In order to solve such issues, aesthetic and cosmetic clinics in India have started offering facelifts/skin tightening procedure in India at cost effective rates. The cosmetic surgeons can handle face lift procedure with perfection. The procedure takes2-4 hours under the supervision of cosmetic surgeons. The patient can go home on the same day or after the overnight stay. But the patients need to be in touch with the doctors to get healed quickly. 

    Stem Cells for Anti-Aging Therapies

    With age, it has been found that the bone marrow generates fewer stem cells, which result in a decline of adult stem cells in the body and thusreduction in the ability to regenerate and repair cells and tissues.Stem cells are injected at the site to regenerate and repair cells and tissues and thus the youthful appearance of the skin is maintained. Highly trained and experienced plastic surgeons of Indian hospitals and clinics help you acquire a young-looking new face to keep up with your renewed body and youthful zest. Utilizing genes that grant your reproductive cells the potential for immortal growth, the healthcare service providers have proved that it was possible to turn back the clock in human body cells, letting the potential for young patient-specific cells of any kind for usage in regenerative medicine.Now India has become the best place for stem cells for anti-aging therapies.

    Viezec offers Healthcare Consultancy Services in New Delhi, India

    Viezec offers healthcare consultancy services to international as well as domestic patients. We are associated with hospitals and medical colleges, which offer internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies. In addition, we ensure at least 60-80% lower medical treatment cost in India when compared to similar procedures in other countries.We have professionals to ensure your India visit hurdle free. Accommodation & Visa assistance, translator and pick & drop facility are also offered by our professionals. We take appointment on behalf of our patients as per their traveling schedule to avoid meantime rush. 
  • Anti-Aging FAQ

    What are ant aging treatments?

    If you are looking for anti-aging treatments, you need to say thanks to the wonders of science and innovation by skin care professionals. There are a number of such treatments available so people choose as per the requirements. Many smart people begin caring for and protecting their skin at a young age. People today are opting for minimally invasive procedures to avoid downtime and the unmistakable appearance of having had surgery. After the procedure, you simply seem healthier, happier, less tired, and more confident.

    What do anti-aging creams do?

    Anti-aging creams are used all over the world with the intent of making a person look smart and younger. Different creams have different ingredients and functions, from diminishing dullness and discoloration to removing wrinkles and scars. Such a cream may also exfoliate or defend the skin from elements such as free radicals and pollutants. All skin creams should also moisturize and boost skin elasticity.If you do not notice change in a significant manner it is best for you to look for cosmetic surgeons. 

    What results can a patient expect from anti-aging treatment?

    If you consult Indian healthcare service providers, it is guaranteed that you will feel better soon.Most international patients feel increased energy during the day and better sleep at night, as well as an enhanced sense of well-being. A number of national and international patients enjoy an enhanced perception of cognitive function, a tougher libido and better sexual performance as well.

    What is permanent makeup?

    Also referred to as micro-pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing,Permanent Makeup is a process where completely natural pigments are implanted underneath the epidermis (top layer of skin), into the dermal layer (second layer of skin), by tiny needles. They makeup is permanent so you need to think twice before implanting something in your body. 

    What are free radicals?

    Free radicals are reactive molecules that cause significant skin damage and lead to the aging process. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals. If you are facing problems with the free radicals, you do not have better option than looking for the assistance of cosmetic surgeons. India is a home to a number of cosmetic clinics well equipped with latest machines and equipment. 
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    “First of all I thank and praise my lord Jesus Christ for giving you wisdom and knowledge to prescribe, prepare and treat me with such wonderful and miraculous medicines. I would like thanks Viezec team for making my medical tourism in India amazing.”







    “Anti-Ageing treatment in India really worked for me it helped with puffiness under my eyes and is smoothening out the lines on my face thank you all.”



    Buenos Aires



    “I am pleased to get Anti-Aging Treatment in India. In addition, I also got a skin cream that combines multiple moisturizers and foundations into one simple cream. The treatment promises to make my skin look significantly younger.”





    “The Anti-Aging Treatment I get in India promises to work on both men and women. Thakns all.”



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