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  • Dental Treatment in India 

    Dental treatment in India offers high quality and cost effective treatment services at cost effective services. The hospitals and other dental care service providers in India provide complete dental care covering dental surgery and dental care.A number of people from different parts of the world visit India for a grand holiday and dental care. Indian healthcare service providers are preferred for dental care as the cost of dental care in the western countries is approximately 10 times more than that in India. In addition, service is also very good here in India.Dental medical tourism India offers several dental packages depending upon the requirements of the persons and their holiday needs.Dental Clinic & Implant Centres ensure smiling face to everyone. Your dentist will determine the best method of professional dental care suitable to your situation and its affordable dental package and cost in India.
    To get the benefit of internationally trained dental experts and high end technology, you should get into a reputed and known dental Spa today. The doctors with examine your condition and would offer you the best treatment in the most desired manner. Equipped with the latest technology and treatment of highest quality on par with international standards, Indian dental service providers invite foreigners to travel down to India for their dental requirements.If you are looking for affordable, world-class Dental care, then there is no better option than Indian healthcare service providers.Experienced dentists, cutting-edge technology, world-class infrastructure and personalized care make Indian dental service providers the best in dentistry.

    Common Dental Procedures

    • Dental bonding
    • Dental bridges and caps
    • Dental crowns
    • Dental fillings
    • Dental implants
    • Dentures
    • Teeth whitening
    • Tooth contouring and reshaping
    • Composite and porcelain tooth veneers
    • Dental scanning - Intra mouth
    • Surgical intervention under general anesthesia
    • Ceramic caps without gold under microscopic control
    • Prosthesis on the implantdental treatment India
    • Vertical and horizontal bone grafting
    • Gum grafting
    • Palatal orthodontics
    • Fluoride treatments for children
    • Maxillary surgery
    • Over denture
    • Combined prostheses with milling
    • Dental bonding in India



  • Dentistry FAQ

    How safe are dental X-rays?

    The dental x-rays are safe. Alike other exposure to all sources of radiation through the sun, minerals in the soil, appliances in your home, the use of dental X-rayscan damage the body's tissues and cells and lead to the development of cancer. Luckily, the dose of radiation patients are exposed during the taking of X-rays is extremely insignificant.

    What are a few benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

    There are a number of benefits of performing cosmetic dentistry in India. Apart from improving your self-confidence, you will have a positive impact on the social and professional aspects of your life. Cosmetic dentistry is not just about pretty smiles, but also enhance self-confident at cost effective rates. New techniques and materials are available in India for supporting the teeth as well as those seen when you smile. With the procedure, patients look great, get healthy, and function better, all at the same time.

    What to do when a child has a toothache?

    There are a number of reasons which may lead a child facetoothache. Once you get a complaint from your child, you need to rinse the irritated area with warm salt water and place a cold compress on the face if it is swollen. You can also give the child acetaminophen for any pain, rather than putting up aspirin on the teeth or gums. Finally, you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. He/she is the right person to decide further course of action.

    What causes bad breath and how to get rid of it?

    Also known as halitosis, bad breathcan be linked to a number of systemic diseases, but the majority of bad breath originates in the mouth. According to researchers a dry mouth or a low salivary flow can also impact bad odor. Vising a dentist is a good idea to get rid of the menace. Apart fromcontrolling the bacteria that produce the sulfur compounds, the dentistsneutralize the sulfur compounds that are produced.

    Which country is best for dental treatment and dental tourism?

    With the passage of time, New Delhi, India has become one of the favorite destinations among people seeking dental treatments all over the world. Apart from the treatment, patients seek out dental tourism as New Delhi, is a capital city of India and it accommodates a number of tourist attractions.
  • Patient Testimonials


    “High-quality care, a wealth of options, and affordable prices help make this healthcare necessity accessible. My dental issues are resolved in minimal time an without much pain. Thanks Viezec and team.”

    Donna R. from West Island

    “I have just returned from first visit at a Dental. I have had five implants and four bridges in the lower jaw and eight crowns and a bridge in the upper. I would like to say how pleased I am with the treatment I have received. The clinic in India is very impressive and modern and spotlessly clean.”

    Cheryl S. Kt

    From Croatia


    “I am satisfied that dental implants are the best advance in dentistry. I have had implants for 05 years and has been experienced the best dental tourism that I could had. Thnaks ALL!!!”

    Greame Smith

    From Poland


    “I had known for a long time that I wanted to go New Delhi, India, to get the best dental treatment done. I am completely satisfied with the services and price I was charged. Now I am advising others to choose Viecez for dental tourism in India. Smile. “


    Nancy L

    From New Zealand 

Teeth bonding cost in India

Dental bonding

Tooth bonding is typically used for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of a discolored or chipped tooth. In the procedure. The procedure is not only least time consuming, but also cost effective in India.

Dental bridges, Implant  and caps

Dental bridges, Implant and caps

Dental Bridges, Implants and Caps in India are manufactured in order to suit or fit in the requirement of every patients. Apart from the very low cost, the bridges, implants and caps last long.

Teeth whitening cost India

Maxillary and Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening procedure is advised to people whose teeth are discolored. The procedure in India is cost effective and available in all dental clinics and set ups. The procedure hardly takes 2 hour.

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