Mastoidectomy Surgery

Mastoidectomy Surgery

Mastoidectomy Surgery in India

Mastoidectomy surgery in India is not a complicated one. This surgery involves elimination of damaged mastoid air cells. If you have developed mastoid air cells inside the skulls, which is behind the ears, you need to get the cells removed as they spread extremely fast inside the skull. The treatment of ear, nose, throat and related structures of the head and neck region is called as Otolaryngology. The otolaryngology department of Indian hospitals is well equipped with latest technology and trained staffs and doctors to perform each surgery with perfection. Ear, nose and throat problems may start right from a very young age and may even affect in old-age.


Mastoidectomy Surgery Risks

Complications do not often occur, but they may include:

  • Persistent ear discharge

  • Infections, including meningitis or brain abscesses

  • Hearing loss

  • Facial nerve injury (This is a rare complication.)

  • Temporary dizziness

  • Temporary loss of taste on the side of the tongue


A mastoidectomy surgery is performed to alleviate infected mastoid air cells due to ear infections, such as mastoiditis or chronic otitis, or by inflammatory disease of the middle ear (cholesteatoma). If you want your procedure to be done in Indian healthcare facility, you need professional search to get in touch with the best hospitals. Viezec is a perfect choice to get associated with while searching a best ENT hospital and clinic in India.   

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