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  • Gastroenterology Treatment in India

    Gastroenterology Treatment in India also offers medical tourism in India. People suffering from digestive diseases step into India as healthcare service providers of the country have a strong team of doctors with decades of valuable experience. With a critical multidisciplinary team of medical gastroenterologists and specialist surgeons, Indian healthcare industry ensures bringing together diverse specialities for the evaluation and treatment of various digestive diseases. Our network of hospitals is offering the complete gastroenterology treatments at a very competitive cost in India. Apart from the diagnosis and treatment, the medical gastroenterologists and specialist surgeons provide expert advice on diet and lifestyle. Reputed and known hospitals and research centers in India are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for prevention, diagnosis and treatment for patients with gastrointestinal disorders.
    The department of gastroenterology is divided into two parts such as medical and surgical. The medical gastroenterology deals with diagnosis and treatment of patients using medicine and minimally invasive interventions. While the surgical gastroenterology deals in surgery. With the advanced research and increased technological advances, medical tourism in India has become popular for the diagnosis and treatment of gastroenterology disorders. People are approaching Viezec to ease thea Super specialty team of Gastroenterologists, Interventional Endoscopists, Radiologists and Transplant Surgeons to offer the best solutions. 

    Principal Proceduresunder the Department Of Gastroenterology

    • Appendix Removal
    • Cholesystectomy (Gall Bladder)
    • Spleenectomy Repair
    • Hernia Repair
    • Thyroid Surgery
    • Oesophageal surgery
    • Gastric resctions
    • Wipple’s Operation
    • Pancreatic Surgery
    • Colo rectal surgery
    • Liver resection
    • Mastectomy (Breast Removal)

    Viezec, a Healthcare Consultant, Offers Numerous Services

    Viezec offers a number of services such as arranging visas, accommodation and appointment with top healthcare service providers. In addition, it also takes utmost care while selecting best suitable surgery by best of the medical fraternity and ensuring fast recovery. We ensure that each patient who consult us get the beat treatment by internationally accredited surgeons.We also provide arrangement of transportation, pre-surgery tests, medications, staying option for attendants, hygienic food as prescribed by attending doctors. Our other services include quick visa letter, flight ticket bookings, language translators, foreign exchange facility and hotel arrangement.
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