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    Cancer treatment in Delhi, India is not only affordable, but also gives hope of maximum success. Earlier, the name of cancer was enough to kill the patient and frustrate the families of patients. In fact, today in some countries, except India, cancer is considered as a deadly disease with no cure. We, at Viezec, along with the assistance of world class oncologists have changed view of cancer patients that death is not inevitable for patients who were diagnosed with the disease. There are a number of top notch hospitals in New Delhi, India well equipped with qualified doctors and modern facilities for cancer treatment. The oncology treatment centers of Delhi, India focus on research, identification, treatment and prevention of cancer. The research, screening and treatment provided by our associated hospitals and healthcare centers are excellent.
    Oncology is a branch of medicine, which involves with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Doctors or medical professionals who practice oncology arecalled as oncologist. There are numerous types of cancers people are suffering from such as liver cancer, breast cancer, thoracic cancer, pancreas cancer, head and neck cancer, bone cancer, gynecologic cancer, gastro intestinal cancer and the list goes on. Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that employs powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in the affected body. Since cancer cells grow and multiply much more quickly than most cells in the body, chemotherapy is the only solution before and after surgery.

    There are Numerous Cancer Treatment Methods, Which Includes:

    Radiation Therapy: It is a one of the effective ways to treat patients suffering from oncology. Radiation therapy employs high-energy radiation to reduce thetumors and kill cancer cells.  The therapy employs x-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles for cancer treatment. The success guarantee is very high, depending upon the stage. The therapy can be delivered through outside of the body as well as inside the body near cancer cells. Almost 1/2 of all cancer patients receive some type of radiation therapy anytime during the course of their treatment. The main motive of this treatment is to terminate cancer cells and prevent the tumor growth, without harming nearby healthy tissue.
    Chemotherapy: This is also a very effective procedure to kill the cancer cells, without harming nearby healthy cells. Apart from preventing the cells from growing, it divides the existing cells. It is an effective procedure as cancer cells usually grow and divide faster than healthy cells. Our associate healthcare service providers in India offerchemotherapy to destroy the dangerous cells more quickly than it destroys most healthy cells. Using powerful medications, it sometimes may damage growing cells, including some healthy cells. Damage of healthy cells may cause side effects of chemotherapy. The main advantage of the procedure is to get rid of all the cancer cells and keep them from coming back.
    Surgery: Surgery is also a great option for cancer patients, but it depends upon a number of things such as the type, size, location, grade and stage of the tumor, as well as general health factors for instance age, physical fitness and mental stamina. Our experienced surgeons have performed thousands of procedures to diagnose stage and treat cancer and will discuss the surgical options that are best suited to your individual needs. Oncologists in New Delhi, India give guarantee to help prevent cancer growth, spread or recurrence. Patients get healed and can live a normal life after a while.  The nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and naturopathic clinicians perform together with your surgical oncologist to support healing and quality of life.
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