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Organ Transplant

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    There are a number of multispecialty hospitals, institutes and clinics offering organ transplants in New Delhi, India. Our associate healthcare service providers introduce one of the world's largest and most comprehensive solid organ transplant programs. They use the world fame doctors and cutting edge technology to deliver optimum solutions through transplants.World class facilities coupled with best doctors, integrated team approach, superior outcomes and the advanced infrastructure make hospitals of India an ideal choice for different transplants such as heart, kidney, lungs, liver and Pancreas.Patients from across the globe are flocking to India to get the best treatment and at affordable cost. In order to get the exceptional results, they have dedicated teams to guide transplantation recipients before, during and after surgery. 

    Organ transplant procedure in India 

    Organ transplantation can be defined as a process in which a non-functioning organ is replaced with a functioning organ. This functioning organ can be donated either by a living person or extracted from a deceased (or cadaver) body.This is a complex surgery and requires a lot of modern facilities, which are available in Indian healthcare service providers so patients from all over the world are approaching India. Nowadays, one of the wonders in the field of organ transplant is Stem Cell Therapy. In this treatment, healthy cells are replaced with diseased or damaged ones.
  • Organ Transplant FAQ

    What is organ donation?

    Organ donation is the gift of donating your organs and tissue to those in need of an organ transplant. Organ donation is where a person donates his/her organs for transplant. There are two types of organ donation: living and deceased. Donated organs are given to somebody who has injured organs that need to be replaced. Such a transplant is performed to save a person's life or significantly recover their health and quality of life.

    How does one become a donor?

    Anyone can become a donor, but he/she must be above 18 years. Adults can donate their organs if wished for. To become a donor, first you need to register yourself with the concerned authority. With the information provided, you will be contacted by hospitals for donation. 

    Can I become a donor if I have an existing severe medical condition?

    Yes, you can become a donor, but there are some diseases which do not allow to do so. Let your doctor perform some tests to analyze your health conditions.  Having a medical condition does not necessarily stop you from becoming an organ or tissue donor. The only conditions where organ donation is completely denied include HIV, actively spreading cancer and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).

    Can I sell my organs for making money?

    The buying and selling of organs and tissues in New Delhi, India is illegal, as part of The National Organ Transplant Act (Public Law 98-507).Anyone can donate to save a life of someone not to earn money. Sometimes, one donates to save a life of his/her near and dear ones. 

    Will the body of the donor get disfigured? 

    No, it is a myth. Organ donation does not cause any obvious disfigurement to the body of the donors. Organs and tissue are always alleviated with the greatest of care and respect. The donors’ wounds are closed and dressed the same as after any other operation. After getting recovered, he/she may resume normal life. 
  • Patient Testimonials


    My aunty was suffering from severe kidney diseases and she was advised for a kidney transplant. We were helpless due to unavailability of a kidney donor. Someone suggested us to consult Indian hospitals. We are happy as with the help of Viezec , the transplant become possible and successful.

    Rajeev K.

    Sri Lanka


    We have been running from pillar to post for a liver transplant of my mother. We have tried every possible manner but in vain. With the assistance of the Internet, we came across Viezec. It managed everything for us in India at our budget. Thanks doctors for successful liver transplant.

    Williams Leis



    After struggling for almost ten years with a heart condition and being hospitalized for three months, I got surprised when someone told me that heart transplant in India was easy, cost effective and donors are easily available. Thanks Viezec for managing everything

    Hebberley. N



    Despite of having to struggle with diabetes since she was 18 months old, my kidney transplant was successfully accomplished in a reputed hospital in India. Thanks Doctors!! Thanks Viezec for managing everything.



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