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    Weight loss treatment of Indian hospitals lure a number of international patients to India. Obesity has become common all over the world. It is a condition where a person’s Body Mass Index or BMI is more than 30. It has become a global epidemic not only in developed nations, but also in developing nations so the number of patients is many. Obese people choose India as weight loss & bariatric surgery in India is economical so come within the budget of everyone. Obesity is rampant due to a number of reasons such as changed lifestyles, energy dense diets, minimum physical activity, environmental factors, heredity, psychological and cultural influences and many others. To get the procedure done, one can consider India as the cost is very low and successful rate is very high.
    Indian hospitals and research centers perform weight loss & bariatric surgical procedure by laparoscopic approach. With the latest procedures and skilled doctors, the procedure in India thus diminishes the hospital stay, minimizes pain and an early return to activity. Hospitals and research institutes in India are expert for carrying out minimally invasive weight loss surgery or laparoscopic weight loss surgery. They would create several small incisions to make ports rather than one large incision. It is also a cost effective and minimum time consuming process. People prefer minimally invasive weight loss surgery needs smaller incisions, less pain, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery than traditional open surgery.  

    Common weight loss treatment and obesity surgeries

    • Weight-Loss Medications
    • Bariatric Surgery
    • Gastroplasty
    • Lap Banding
    • Sleeve Gastrostomy
    • Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity

    Weight-Loss Medications in India

    There are a number of medications available in India, which are perfect for weight loss. To get the medications, one needs to consult doctors as they have experience in the field. The medications work as      appetite suppressant, starch and fat blockers and fat burners. If you are looking for the medications, you should consult Indian healthcare service providers to get anti-obesity medications and diet pills. The medications are easily available at cost effective rates. The medications help regulate weight either by changing appetite, enhancing the rate of metabolism or inhibiting absorption from the digestive tract.

    Bariatric Surgery

    If you are an obese, then you must need to remove the extra fat. One of the best treatments for obese is Bariatric surgery, which iseasily available at cost effective rates. An expert multi-disciplinary team of reputed Indian hospitals works towards solving a patient’s weight problems.The teams are well equipped with latest technology and resources in order to ensurethe best chances of weight loss success. A multidisciplinary team of doctors, dietician and psychiatrist is needed to help the patient lose weight and keep it off. International patients come to New Delhi in India as the cost of the treatment is minimal.

    Gastroplasty surgery in India

    Gastroplasty surgery in Indiaby reputed hospitals and research institutions are cost effective. The healthcare service providers are well equipped with a tremendous staff of skilled and experienced surgeons and supporting staffs who are committed in providing the most advanced and compassionate in-patient and out-patient care.There is an increase in the Indian obese people looking for such procedures and also amongst patients coming for Medical Tourism from USA, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, Australia, etc. looking for a low cost option at International Standards.Apart from the low cost, pre and post-surgery care is also appreciated by Indian healthcare service providers.

    Lap Banding Surgery in India

    With the availability of best bariatric surgeons and known hospitals and research centers, obese people can be sure of losing weight with safe and affordable lap banding surgery in India. There are a number of medical travel companies, including Viezec, helping people get the best treatment by top bariatric surgeons of accredited hospitals.Adjustable Gastric Banding or Lap Band is an FDA approved minimally invasive bariatric surgery to treat obesity. Indian doctors and supporting healthcare staffs are skilled enough to place the device.The procedure involves placing an inflatable silicone device or band around the top portion of the stomach, which diminishes the capacity of the stomach, leading to lesser food intake and thus promoting weight loss.

    Sleeve Gastrostomy Surgery in India

    One of the best ways to reduce the extra fat and maintain the weight,Sleeve Gastrostomy surgery is the best option. The surgery entails removing of stomach upto 15% from its original size. Due to low cost and certified hospitals in India, people from the world consider India for the procedure. The hospitals and research institutionsin India are at par with western countries and are well equipped with best surgeons. Language is never a barrier here in India as translators are also easily available at cost effective rates. Healthcare Consultants in New Delhi, India, provide fully assistance to offshore patients in receiving the specific treatment at the hands of experts in the most renowned hospitals in India.

    Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity

    One of the most common weight loss surgery isGastric Bypass Surgery, which has two parts, including making a small pouch in the stomach and bypass. In the first procedure, a small pouch is created and thus eating less. And in the second procedure, the operation is performed to curb the absorption of calories and nutrients.Gastric bypass surgery for obesity in New Delhi is huge success in all over the world. The doctors, nurses and supporting staffs are trained and hospitals are well equipped with latest technology so that make the treatment easy and cost effective.

    Getting assistance of healthcare consultants

    Viezec, a known and reputed healthcare consultant, makes India health care tourism easy and cost effective by providing all desired assistance to international as well as domestic patients. Our dedicated International Helpdesk assists international patients for all their medical, and travel and accommodation needs. We are experienced in the healthcare industry so know which hospital is perfect for which disease and thus we guide international patients to get the best treatment under the best doctors and hospitals. In order to easy the communication, we also provide translators to the visitors.
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