Stem Cell Medical tourism in India is poised to experience a 30% annual growth rate in the current year eventually turning into a $2 billion industry. With ballooning medical treatment costs in the developed countries across the globe, more & more people from the western world are looking toward India for healthcare solutions. About 500,000 people are estimated to travel to India for low-priced outstanding medical procedures in 2015.



Surging ahead of other global competitors, India features sophisticated state-of-the-art international quality standard technologies befittingly handled by competent doctors & excellent English-speaking nursing staff. Other substantial benefits of availing of medical solutions in India include reduced costs. In order to encourage this rapid growth sector, the government of India is taking necessary steps so as to address infrastructure issues. Visa restrictions requiring a two-month gap between consecutive visits has been removed. Visa-on-arrival for select countries is now on cards which will allow foreign nationals stay in India for 30 days on medical grounds is strategically targeted to boost medical tourism. With scores of top-class hospitals around the Indian sub-continent, many of which now enjoy international accreditation, waiting time is far reduced for treatments. Last but not least, success rates for most surgeries in India are at par with developed countries & even better on some counts.



As part of the healthcare industry TRAVCURE is closely tied up with most world-class renowned hospitals in India featuring the best integrated hi-tech facilities. We are well aware & understand your anxiety, doubts & cost concerns. Our expert team of health professionals will assist & evaluate your medical requirements so as to give you the most competitive & affordable quote for your ailment. TRAVCURE promise is in fact a harmonious experience brought together by many diverse elements including a healthy mix of world-class medical solution alongside affordable exotic vacations. Imagine recuperating in a beautiful, serene & peaceful setting before you head back home. India is pleasantly warm at heart, compassionate, caring & concerned, subtly portraying a favorable atmosphere for successful rejuvenation.