Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre established in 1987 by Ch. Aishi Ram Batra Public Charitable
Trust with an infrastructure encompassing 495 beds, 14 Operation Theatres, 112 ICU Beds, 24×7
Emergency facilities, full range of high-tech diagnostic laboratories and a comprehensive rehabilitation
facilities. Batra Hospital is the capital's first multi-specialty private hospital of Delhi. Our objective has
always been to bring first-rate medical care within the reach of common man. Over the years, it has
progressed bringing in the newest and the most contemporary medical care in critical and life-
threatening areas like Oncology, Cardiac, Orthopaedics, Nephrology and Neuro Surgery.

Today, the hospital offers a tertiary level care in 42 specialities and has amassed the finest medical
talent – Physicians, Surgeons, Nursing Professionals and Technicians. The abilities of our Medical
Professionals are supplemented with international experience. This is line with the ongoing ethos of the
hospital to combine the best medical care with warmth and tenderness which is vital for the healing

Our Mission

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre is dedicated to deliver clinical care with optimistic outcomes
via revolutionary and pioneering approaches, with an outstanding patient experience in a multi-
disciplinary, collaborative, team-based milieu.

Our Vision

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre distinguishes from other hospitals by repeatedly assessing the
needs of the communities and patients we serve and adding new services and technologies to meet
those needs.