About Us

Welcome to the heartening world of Fortis Healthcare, where the medical treatment is really topnotch, where medical value travel is truly esteemed, where patient caring is warm and sensitive to your requirements and where your total experience leaves you with very pleasing memories.
One of India’s leading tertiary level healthcare groups, Fortis embraces a network of 12 hospitals with a bed capacity of 1803 beds and 12 Heart Command Centers. Following the acquisition of the well-known Escorts Healthcare System, Fortis functions as one of the world’s largest Cardiac programmes. The group’s Fortis Hospital at Noida, adjoining to Delhi, is India’s foremost tertiary care facility in Orthopaedics and Neuro Sciences. The group also executes cutting-edge surgeries in numerous specialties ranging from cosmetology, woman and child health, ophthalmology, dental, ENT, urology, and minimal invasive surgery. Our facilities guarantee that there is genuine Medical Value in health travel to India.

Why India?

India is fast becoming the world’s principal choice destination for healthcare services – particularly cardiac surgery. With speedily expanding infrastructure, clinical proficiency and global standard implementation, India is servicing the healthcare needs, at evenhanded costs, of global patients from around the world. Cardiac Surgery and other Surgery Costs are amid the most reasonable in the world. In recent years, a lot of nations have experienced a scarcity of speciality care providers, which has limited their access to quality and cost-effective medical care. In sharp contrast, India has focused on increasing the accessibility of speciality cares thus avoiding the shortage of medical specialists. In fact, the availability of clinical proficiency, reasonable Cardiac Surgery and other Surgery Costs are amid the most affordable in the world, and universally trained and educated medical specialists is a major factor in the growth of foreign patient processes in India.

Special Services

Travel Assistance

Fortis will help patients in making the suitable arrangements for their travel within India. Our partners are conscious of our patient’s prerequisites, nearness to locations and modes of transport. As such, they have amassed an extensive array of accommodation (5 Star to Budget), transport and excursion tours at special rates. Patients can also build any facet of their trip through this agency or on their own.

Insurance Services

We presently do not accept direct foreign insurance payments; however we are enthusiastic to discuss payment options with your insurance provider in the event your policy covers amenities rendered away from your home habitation. All payment arrangements should be handled beforehand.

Financial Services

All scheduled services necessitate a deposit of 10% made ahead of planned procedures. The balance payment will be needed upon admission and incidental charges will be due upon the patient’s discharge. We accept payment by Cheque, CC, MO, DD and cash. All bills must be settled in US$ or Indian Rupees. We can offer facilities for foreign currency (sums less than US$ 5,000) while you are in India. All other foreign exchange needs should be handled before your arrival in India.

Fortis International Patients Service Centre (FIPSC)

Fortis recognizes that International Patients have special prerequisites and needs. So as to provide a highly specialized service, Fortis offers smooth patient services of first-rate quality. From the warmth of our welcome at the airport, to your registration and discharge, we aim to offer supreme service in our Fortis International Patient Service Centre, New Delhi.
Our services take account of:

  • Airport transfer service
  • Scheduling of all medical appointments
  • Management of the admissions process
  • Cost estimations for projected treatment
  • Processing of medical second opinions
  • Booking of Hotel/Service Studios
  • Flight Arrangements and Extensions / Visa Assistance
  • Provide Language Translators
  • Special dietary prerequisites / religious provisions
  • Local Tourism
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Remote Consultations through Telemedicine
  • Providing news and information of patient’s families back home