Global Hospitals is India's principal and the fastest growing super specialty care and multi-organ
transplantation hospital. Pioneers in carrying out transplantation surgeries, Global Hospitals has to its
credit many trailblazing accomplishments made possible by combining research, teaching and patient

Endeavoring for equality and innovation is what we do at Global Hospitals. It is not just an objective, but
a way of life. Advanced technology and contemporary facilities are must to deliver superlative medical
care, but the humanitarian factor needs to be added and that is our doctors, nurses and technicians,
who make Global Hospitals what it is in the present day. The establishment’s success lies in the sturdy
foundation values laid by its founders that have been a source of motivation for all those associated
with the venture, to keep doing the good work generously for the society.

What makes us the best?

  • First hospital to be acknowledged for Research and Development by the Govt. of India.
  • Only Indian Hospital to be related with King's college hospital, London, United Kingdom for Liver
  • First Single Lung Transplant in India
  • First Pediatric Auxiliary Liver Transplant in Asia.
  • First Swap Liver Transplant on adults in India
  • First Liver Transplant in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • First Bone Marrow Transplant in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • First Heart Transplant in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • First Split Liver Transplant in the state of Tamil Nadu, India
  • First Twin Kidney Transplant in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • First Hospital to familiarize the Two Wheeler Ambulance Service (GART- Global Accident Rescue
  • Largest Multi-organ Transplant centre
  • First Hospital in South Asia to carry out the Nucleus Replacement in Spine