Holy Family Hospital is one of the prevalent hospitals in Delhi offering health care facilities to countless
patients every year. It is situated in Okla main road, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi. This hospital was founded
in the year 1955.The hospital was built by a spiritual body, the Medical Mission Sisters. Holy Family
Hospital in Delhi is celebrated for maintaining high quality and standards in both nursing and medical
facilities. It is a 300 bedded hospital offering modernized medical opportunities for patients coming
from far afield.

Why travel for health treatments?

There are several good reasons for travelling for medical treatments:

  • Cost of Treatment
  • Quality of Care
  • Quality of Equipment and facilities
  • Quality of complete experience
  • Speedy Access to Treatment
  • Travelling to India for surgery
  • Admirable Doctors with global experience
  • Contemporary Hospitals with state-of- the-art equipment
  • Typical savings of 70% of treatment cost
  • Thrilling environment
  • Complete treatment packages – you don’t have to go home after 3 days
  • Committed nursing staff and deluxe rooms
  • Medical tourism in India

Medical tourism is simply the procedure of traveling abroad to any particular destination to get certain
medical techniques. Medical tourism (also called medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare) is a
term originally devised by travel agencies and the mass media to designate the speedily-growing
practice of traveling across global borders to get health care. Medical tourism India has become a
gigantic industry and it is dignified for growth. Every year, thousands of medical tourists from diverse
nations visit India for numerous treatments and surgeries. The numbers are anticipated to go higher in
the near future. Professionals attached with health care delivery system envision patients coming for
the treatment of their complications to a capable reliable institution from outside world. Individuals
visiting India are not only patients, but also, guests keen to explore India. Besides medical treatment
they come to know our opulent culture, hospitality, tastes, places of tourist interest and business goods.