The Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre is one of the first-born tertiary care, multi-specialty trust
hospitals of the nation. In the late 60s, when the establishment of big private hospitals was not
common, the institution was intellectualized and endowed to the city of Mumbai by Seth Lokoomal
Chanrai. Seth Chanrai came from a family of humanitarians who had businesses in many nations. The
family had already buttressed many small and large ventures. Seth Lokoomal entrusted Dr. Shantilal
Mehta the task of founding an ultra-modern centrally located medical centre where folks of all races and
creeds could get the benefits of advanced health care. Jaslok Hospital is located at Dr. G Deshmukh
Marg., Peddar Road which is a key artery of South Mumbai and overlooking the Arabian Sea.

The name Jaslok was derived from the names of Seth Lokoomal & his wife Smt. Jasotibai. Seth Chanrai's
vision was applied and brought to realism basically by his brother-in- law i.e. Dada Mathradas Assomull.
The hospital was inaugurated on 6th July 1973 by the former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. Jaslok
Hospital is a private, full-fledged multi-speciality hospital with 376 beds of which 67 are ICU beds. The
number of consultants has augmented from the initial 50 to around 253 with 124 fully trained resident
doctors and having department of nursing school with 495 qualified nurses & 60 students at any given
time. It has propelled research activities in numerous fields in collaboration with other organizations in
India & abroad. More prominently, the hospital has progressed into a tertiary referral centre for
providing advanced, complex problems in addition to a training institution. It entices patients not only
from Mumbai but all portions of Maharashtra, and other states and abroad. Prominent citizens from all
over the nation have availed of the advanced facilities at the Jaslok Hospital.

Jaslok also entices a substantial number of patients from overseas. The institution now has around 35
established specialities and these are growing gradually. The departments are fortified with state of art
equipment and manned by qualified and committed staff many of whom now run training programs.
Jaslok is now a full-fledged teaching institution and conducts postgraduate courses as well as a nursing
school being recognized the National Board of Examinations in 22 specialties.

The Hospital has also played a significant role in serving the less privileged sections of the society which
was an imperative part of the vision of its founders. As of date, out of 376 regular beds, 41 beds in the
hospital are offered free of charge and 100 beds are given at discounted rates. Since its initiation, the
hospital has maintained a weighty number of free and concessional beds. Furthermore, Jaslok treats
patients from some institutions including orphanages like the "Bal Asha Trust" free of cost. Concessions
are also offered to senior citizens and an active social work department helps the deprived patients with
donations from Trusts.

Well-developed specialties and services are obtainable at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre are-
Department of Anesthesiology, Imaging & Interventional Radiology department with Conventional
Radiology, CT Scan, MRI section, Mammography. Department of Radiation Oncology, with Latest Pet-
Scan, modern Cardio Vascular & Thoratic Surgery, Advanced Dental surgery, Dermatology, E.N.T.
Department fully equipped I.C.U, PICU, & NICU. Nephrology, Neuro Science Division including Neurology
EMG with Evoke Potentials and nerve conductive studies and Neurosurgery, Clinical Neurophysiology,
Neuroradiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics & Trauma Services, Pathology & Transfusion medicine,
Immunology, Microbiology, Haematology, Surgical Pathology & Electron Microscopy, advanced

Pediatrics and Neonatology, Well Developed vesicular surgery dept. Dept., of Chest Diseases, along with
Pulmonary function laboratory Urology, with Lithotripsy Ultrasound, Obstrectis & Gynecology,
Oncosurgery, Nuclear Medicine Radiation Oncology, Cardiology, having full-size Cath Lab for
Angiography And Angio Plasty with E.C.G & 2 D ECHO. Gastroentrology, General surgery, Dept. of
Infertility management and Assisted Reproduction (IVF), Genetics, Psycharity, Endocrinology,
Physiotherapy, Molecular Medicine & Biology, Plastic surgery, Internal Medicine, Radioimmunoassay
(RIA), with Toxicology, Department of General surgery & Allied with numerous supra major & advance
surgeries Operation Theatre with all contemporary facilities. In- Patient Facilities, Casualty, Blood Bank,
Health Check – Up, Pharmacy, Support Services, Maxillo Facial Prosthesis.

Using technology with tender loving care

The hospital's services take account of sophisticated technology, which is also accessible in emergency
for patient treatment. It makes sure speed in diagnosis. The Jaslok Hospital is like a home of veteran
medical professionals in augmenting the patient care. The hospital is well famous for launching the
newest technologies in diverse expanses of the medical field. Service superiority is achieved through an
idyllic blend of medical brilliance and tailored care. Jaslok Hospital relies a great deal on innovation, self-
examination and to continuing upgrade and improvement in patient care. Our hospital offers healthcare
that embraces prevention, outstanding treatment, rehabilitation and health education for patients and
their families.

Care with comfort

Jaslok Hospital is renowned for the pleasing, comfortable, air-conditioned patient rooms armed with
nurse call systems, television and refrigerator and telephone facility during their treatment. Cuisine to
suit transnational tastes is an essential part of our food and special beverage service. The nursing care is,
in itself, a matter of high standard in patient care.

In-patient services

  • Speedy registration procedures, extensive tie-ups with medical insurance organizations and
    corporate world and credit cards are accepted for payment.
  • All the essential conveniences are within the hospital premises. These services include
    telephones, book shop, drugstore, florist, cafeteria and spacious air-conditioned waiting lounge.
  • Comfy, well-furnished, well equipped rooms matching your prerequisites in every respect,
    competent and caring medical and paramedic staff, facilities for patients' mates, several
    varieties of rooms.