Jupiter Hospital, will serve you the finest health care facilities comparable to the premium in the world. Touching many lives, we give all multi-specialty care in hospital. The hospital is built as per international standard in untouched yet multinational location of thane, Mumbai region. The distance between international airports is roughly one hour. The chief mission of hospital is to give patient and his family a clear benefit to win their war against disease by creating the best infrastructure, technology and provision. The aim runs to put patients first and foremost being ultramodern and pioneering in delivery of healthcare. Jupiter hospital comprises of 7 storey building covering numerous specialties and medical branches. The 325-bedded hospital offer great patient care with first-class services. The specialties of hospitals include:

Emergency and trauma centre

Cancer Care Clinic

best in class Cardiac Care


Liver and Kidney

Bone and Joint Care

Neuro ICU

Fertility and IVF Facility



Pain management



Cosmetic and plastic surgery

Obesity management


General medicine – health checkup packages


a robust laboratory offering complete diagnostic

The hospital is well-maintained with hygiene and imperturbable environment so as when you visit the hospital, it will charm you showing healthcare at our hospital is cheery yet gentle and friendly with highest degree of expertise. The whole system, procedures and infrastructure have been created to permit us to envisage our fundamental mission of this Hospital. We will put the patient first and foremost. That is our assurance and we will do everything possible within our reach to accomplish this promise. However, we realize that though a worthy infrastructure and ambience helps ease the nerves and makes our patients and their families more comfy, a hospital needs much more than that. Jupiter Hospital has some of the finest medical technology obtainable anywhere across the globe accompanied by a remarkable team of doctors and support staff. There is more to us than the obvious.

Our methodology of ‘patient first’ has encouraged us to bring virtually every aspect of contemporary healthcare under a single premise, right from the day we became operative in 2007. It has also made us the region’s deluxe multi-specialty tertiary care hospital to get the admired NABH Accreditation (National Accreditation Board of Healthcare) – a suitable recognition for our high standards of quality healthcare as well as operational and management efficacy. We are also one of India’s few healthcare facilities that have a hotel attached, making us an idyllic choice for perceptive domestic, intrastate and overseas patients.