Lakeshore Hospital at Kochi symbolizes the concept of a world-class hospital. Defining qualities of a
topnotch hospital are professional know-how and technology of international standards, rationalized
efficiency of service, considerate personal attention and duteous cleanliness.
Professional expertise
Patients' appraisal of a hospital is centered principally on the professional expertise offered. Intensely
aware of this, Lakeshore Hospital has drawn the best professional abilities from key sources across India
and around the globe.

High technology

Over the last half century, medical science has proceeded at incredible speed. Transforming changes
have been achieved in diagnostic and therapeutic technology. Lakeshore Hospital is in step with global
progress in healthcare technology.

Courtesy, efficiency

A culture of pleasing courteousness and brisk efficacy has been instilled in the whole staff of the
hospital. Each patient gets warm and personal attention.


Lakeshore Hospital nurtures a culture of scientific inquiry and research amid its several specialty
departments. Special research attention is paid to sicknesses prevalent in Kerala.

Training, postgraduate courses

Doctors from centers in India and overseas get training in progressive endoscopic techniques at the
Lakeshore Hospital. There are programmed courses designed to equip postgraduate students for
National Board Examinations.


A clean hospital is a benign place for patients and a better place to work indeed! The first thing that
strikes anybody on entering Lakeshore Hospital is the impeccable cleanliness all over the place.
Meticulous cleaning is done in every part of the hospital, under the close management of a professional
housekeeping staff.

Moderate costs

Cost of care at the Lakeshore is kept temperate so as to make sure that the advantages of contemporary
healthcare reach all layers of the society.


Lakeshore Hospital has an exceptional distinction to have air, water and surface ambulance services.
These rare combinations of facilities have placed the hospital in Limca Book of Records 2004. The
helipad at the top of the building will serve to transport patients in critical stages from the airport.
Water ambulance service is especially planned to cater to the trivial islands in and around Kochi. The
hospital has a modernistic 350-seater auditorium with facilities for live demonstration of operations and

advanced endoscopic and interventional radiology processes from numerous operation theaters and
endoscopic suits. Other amenities for the patients and relatives include round the clock services like
pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and imaging, gift & stationary shop, travel assistance desk, business
center, hospital library, internet café, etc. The food court will offer menu of vast choice of numerous
nations and is designed to cater even to patients from overseas.


Lakeshore ambulance is fortified with contemporary lifesaving emergency care. On an emergency call,
the ambulance rapidly reaches the patient's home or the site of accident and skilled staff initiates
lifesaving treatment without loss of valuable time. Apprehensive specialties at the hospital are
forewarned beforehand to ensure instantaneous attention on the patient's arrival at the hospital.


Lakeshore medical research foundation library take care to keep vital books and documents. Present
collections take account of all super speciality subject and elementary subject. Internet facility is also
offered in the library. Library is planning to subscribe more than 80 journals both Indian and foreign
origin. Classified sequence of arrangement using DDC is followed in the library. Collection and service of
the library support the teaching, research and clinical amenities of the hospital.

Foreigners cell

This cell guides the foreign patients. We have countless patients from overseas. In addition to
treatment, foreigners are given info regarding sightseeing, tourist destination, ticket information, etc.
The following are the chief countries from where patients arrive here at our hospital:
USA, Australia, Britain,
Canada, Sweden, Italy,
France, Finland, Malaysia,
Mauritius, Netherlands, UAE,
Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia,
Qatar, Kuwait, Chile,
Tanzania, Tunisia, Libya,
Kenya, Dutch, Bangladesh,
Maldives, Japan,