Milestone Hospital offers a level of service that has stemmed in recognition on local, national and international levels. The hospital and the medical staff members have earned not only praise, but also the respect of our peers and the recommendations of thousands of managed care specialists, physician networks, healthcare personnel and distinct patients. Below, you will find many of the honors and specimens of leadership, which have contributed to our admirable reputation.


Milestone Hospital is the National Center for Coordinating Pediatric Nephrology Studies.

Milestone Hospital is the solitary non-university-affiliated hospital for the Pediatric Oncology Group (studies on rare tumors).

Milestone Hospital has one of the best craniofacial programs in the world; more than 15,000 processes have been implemented on kids and adults from every state and 75 nations.

Medical City Women’s Services specialize in high-risk pregnancies and deliveries.

The Heart Transplant Program is one of the busiest and most efficacious such programs in North Texas.

Medical City is the only hospital in North Texas to offer adult and pediatric stem cell transplantation.

Medical City was the first hospital in the southwest United States to perform open heart bypass surgery using robotic technology.

Medical City hosted the first worldwide live Internet broadcast of a beating heart surgery with chances for audience participation.

Medical City is the only hospital in North Texas to offer 24/7 onsite childcare for employees via the Children’s Choice Learning Centers.

The Emergency Services Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) is recognized by the National Health Care Advisory Board as Best Practice for Observation Medicine.

General Hospital and later upgraded to specialist hospital by the government of East Central State.

The first ever efficacious open heart surgery in black Africa. Since then, open heart surgery had become a routine in the hospital and UNTH is now recognized as a centre of superiority for cardiothoracic medicine.

The UNTH introduced and still runs an effective staff welfare scheme which has impacted terrifically on the lives of staff of the hospital particularly in the areas of mortgage, car loans, personal loans etc. Other teaching hospitals come to understudy this scheme for conceivable implementation in their hospitals The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital was also designated the World Health Organization Centre for Innovation in Medical Education. The hospital has presently built a radiotherapy complex for the management and treatment of cancer and related ailments. This complex is anticipated to take off very soon. The hospital is a centre for Bio – Medical Engineering for training of suitable Cadres of medical staff on optimum functionality and maintenance of equipment. UNTH in conjunction with smile train runs a free cleft surgery clinic.