At the core of what SPARSH Hospital is trying to do is to redefine the way healthcare has been practiced and managed historically. This for SPARSH Hospital is a constant process. A constant process of reinventing our procedures and systems, of capitalizing in technology, equipment and medical skills, of changing patient management and care, to make an institution where everybody working here feels like a participant. This leads to the routing of cumulative effort into creating an institution that is centered on patient care and welfare while guaranteeing affordable best in class medical care and practice. This is the world of SPARSH Hospital, a self-governing part of the Health City; SPARSH Hospital was set up by Dr. Sharan Patil, a principal orthopedic surgeon. Strategically situated in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, SPARSH Hospital is a prearranged 400-bed hospital for Accidents, Orthopedics and Plastic & Maxillo Facial Surgery. SPARSH Hospital has grown into a vivacious specialty medical centre. Operated by a medical, nursing and support team that have worked at some of the top national and international medical centers, who practice the very newest in medical science and are supported by an infrastructure that has been set up to ensure the very best in the distribution of medical care. On-site world-class equipment, operation sets, technology and communication systems are also leveraged to deliver quality healthcare with care and sympathy. To further future prove the hospital; architecturally the hospital was designed to become a flexi hospital where the whole hospital can be transformed into a mass casualty centre promptly in case of major incidents. As part of the Health City, SPARSH Hospital can leverage the amenities of the other constituent hospitals of Health City, further strengthening its competence of handling any possibility.

Delivering reasonable excellent healthcare is not only a vision, but also a source of motivation that powers the world of SPARSH. This remains important to our brand of healthcare and translates itself into SPARSH Hospital’s mission.

SPARSH healthcare philosophy

Our institution is erected around the core conviction of humaneness and that everything we do we should do with a human touch. With this, there are two important guiding principles. The first one is that all patients will be treated similarly. The same level of commitment and access to resources, medical skill sets and hospital care will be given to all patients. The second is to extend healthcare to as extensive and as deep down the population strata as is conceivable. We can accomplish these two principles by leveraging our cumulative medical skills set as well unceasingly modernizing through our systems and processes to bring scale and technology together to lower costs and improve productivity while keeping the very highest standard in medical practice. The advantages of this effort we intend to gradually pass on to our patients ensuring that we are doing everything to promise affordable world class quality healthcare to all our patients.

Sparsh mission

We want to be the premium musculo-skeletal care hospital in the world. Our institution will be driven by patient orientation. Educating, partnering and assisting our patients make conversant decisions at every phase of their treatment. Our clinical practice will be evidence-based and of the highest veracity. We will create an institution that becomes a centre of fineness leveraging teaching, research and innovation as tools to bring first-rate healthcare within the reach of all. Everything we do, we will do with a human touch.