Hi, I am Professor Nicholas from Ghana. I am a professor of Statistics. I came to India for availing the stem cell treatment for vision loss via Stem Cell Care India. Few years back, I had stated encountering that my vision was deteriorating, both in terms of quality and sharpness. For getting the treatment, last year I travelled to China, where I was kept in the hospital for around 16 days and was charged a lot of money as well. However, I didn’t attain any relief. After this, I stated searching and exploring more about stem cell treatment. After my research, I decided to opt for Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell treatment for eyes in India. I contacted the hospital and they helped me a lot in imparting all the important information about the treatment to me. I realized that the cost of treatment in India is very much loss to what I had to pay in other nations. When I came to India, the treatment started and I was given vitamins and other medications. Stem cell treatment that I undergone was very simple and I got recovered very speedily. I experienced a lot of improvement in my eyesight. Also, the staff of the hospital is also very friendly, cooperative and caring.

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