Viezec is an online medical tourism portal which brings patients and healthcare providers together on a sole platform. Viezec is the ultimate place for individuals looking for information about reasonable treatment or surgery in India. International patients can search, compare and make inquiries about the best accredited hospitals, doctors and surgeons treating a catholic spectrum of medical disorders. Viezec will guide and help patients from all across the globe to find top surgeons and the most idyllic hospital facility for treatment.

About medical tourism in India

  • What is medical tourism?
    • Ans: Medical tourism is simply the process of traveling overseas to a particular destination to get certain medical processes. Canadians and Europeans have been roving outside their regions for years to get medical techniques because of the long waiting periods related with socialized medicine. Now they have a chance to seek top quality techniques, where they can recuperate in obscurity and luxury at more reasonable rates.
  • Who is using medical tourism?
    • Ans: Individuals consider seeking medical care overseas for a few reasons. A snowballing number of folks are having major medical procedures done abroad because of the astounding difference in cost. Many individuals in the United States find themselves without insurance or with insurance that has partial coverage or pre-existing conditions. When confronted with the need to have cardiac, orthopedic or other major operations, many persons have toured abroad for care so as to save money.
  • Are these costs savings because of lower standards of treatment in India?
    • Ans: Categorically not, India has one of the best experienced professionals in each and every field, and this fact is comprehended the world over. Regarding medical facilities, India has most proficient doctors and topnotch medical facilities. India offers the best medical facilities, comparable with any of the western nations. India has state-of- the-art hospitals and the best trained doctors. Indian medical standards match up to the exceedingly prescribed international standards. The lower costs are chiefly attributable to vast difference in currency conversion rates and lower overheads of operating in India.

About Viezec

  • What is Viezec?
    • Ans: Viezec is allied with top doctors and the superlative accredited hospital facilities in India so as to bring healthcare providers and international patients together on a solitary platform. This is the most supreme and reputable platform for individuals around the globe seeking reasonable treatments and surgeries overseas. International patients can search, compare and put a query for available treatment choices for their medical issues and effective solutions. They can also inquire and equate about doctor qualifications, hospital amenities and pricing so that they can make the most cognizant decision regarding treatments. Together with medical treatments, Viezec will arrange accommodation close to the treatment facility, arrangements for local tourism, arranging appointments with doctors for treatment and follow-up assessment or even arrange for a restorative vacation for the patient at an exotic location if preferred by the patient. Viezec will look into every detail at the request of the patient.
  • Will I have to pay for services offered by Viezec?
    • Ans: No, amenities offered by Viezec are totally free.
  • What is step-by- step process to work with Viezec?
    • Ans: After you have visited & decided upon the kind of medical process you would like to undergo, here is a streamlined step-by- step breakdown of process to guide you through the course of medical travel.

About medical travel

  • Am I compromising on quality of medical treatment? The same process costs so much in the United States?
    • Ans: Viezec endeavors to maintain high standards for healthcare processes. We thus ensure that all hospitals registered with us are nationally or internationally accredited and approved. Only after thorough research and scrutiny do we approve hospitals.
  • How do I select a good hospital facility for my medical process?
    • Ans: Decision for selecting the hospital facility for treatment rests completely upon you, the patient. Viezec will only try to offer all essential information in order to help you make up your mind. In case you are still uncertain about where to begin, you can either call us or contact us at [email protected] & our professionals will be pleased to assist you.

About hospitals listed with Viezec

  • What criteria should be used for choosing hospitals listed on Viezec?
    • Ans: Viezec aims to maintain high standards of healthcare for customers. Thus, we make certain to ensure that all hospitals registered with us are nationally or internationally accredited & approved by our experts after undergoing comprehensive scrutiny.
  • What if I am eyeing for a particular hospital which I cannot find it on Viezec list?
    • Ans: Viezec is continually growing and escalating its network of hospitals. Thus, patients can let us know which hospital they are keen on and would like to see that in the Viezec list. You can also do this by mailing us at [email protected]
  • What can I do if I do not find a hospital which meets my desires?
    • Ans: We are tremendously sorry if you were inept to find a hospital on the Viezec list which meets your requirements. But then, you can always contact our customer service department at [email protected] and let us know as to what precisely are you eyeing for. Our knowledgeable team will delightedly help you to find which hospital will best match your prerequisites.

About pricing

  • Is price provided by Viezec my final procedure cost?
    • Ans: Price firstly conveyed to you by the Viezec team would be an average cost of the procedure. Once we get your reports and inquire with the hospital, we can deliver you estimated expenditures which are specifically centered upon your condition, medical history and treatment requirements.
  • What all is included in the price quoted by Viezec team?
    • Ans: When we get a quote to your query from the hospital, they would take account of all the information on what the rate covers. Typical quotes embrace consultation, all examinations that are required, cost of the process and stay at the hospital. But then, each hospital is having its own pricing policy and structure so we will have to wait for particulars to come from the hospital facility. If something is imprecise, you can always revert with your doubt so that we can speak with the hospital facility and offer an explanation.
  • Does Viezec have any control over prices?
    • Ans: Viezec does not become involved in deciding any prices for any medical techniques. Rates are decided by the hospital facilities. However, you would derive quite a lot of benefits, including financial, by close relationship Viezec maintains with the treatment facility.
  • How would I know if the hospital facility contributes in my insurance?
    • Ans: We will have to check with the treatment facility so as to determine if they would accept your insurance.

About inquiry process

  • I have no idea as to from where to start, could you assist me?
    • Ans: Yeah sure; it would be best that you either call us or contact our customer service division at [email protected] and let us know more about your health concern and we will do our best to live up to your prerequisites.
  • I am still uncertain as to when I will be able to undergo procedure. Will I have to select a date while reaching out for a quotation?
    • Ans: In case you are still uncertain of a timeframe and it is not urgent, you can pick a tentative date for your medical treatment. Furthermore, these dates can always be revised later to suit your commitments.
  • How long will Viezec take to get back to me?
    • Ans: You should be expecting to hear back from the Viezec squad within 48 hours. In case you don’t, please get back to us at [email protected] and we will look into where your case is jammed.
  • What will you do with my medical reports?
    • Ans: Viezec maintains very high standards with respect to discretion and confidentiality of patients. This consists of transfer of sensitive material between us and the hospital facility all the time. It is only with your consent that we send your records only to doctors of your choice. Furthermore, your data will never be used for any other purposes and will remain safe constantly.
  • How many doctors and hospitals can I get quotes from?
    • Ans: Viezec desires that you be gratified with the hospital facility you select and your treatment results. That is why we offer a choice of at least 3 doctor opinions for you to select from.
  • What can I do if I do not find the medical process I am interested in on your website?
    • Ans: Viezec offers a tremendously catholic array of medical processes. However, in case you do not find what you are eyeing for on our website, you can always contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to help you in finding you hospital facilities in India that offer your demanded procedure at reasonable costs.
  • Which factors you recommend I pick while selecting a hospital facility?
    • Ans: Whenever you are selecting a hospital facility, you should pick one which pays attention to the quality of treatments provided, costs and the type of doctors it has.
  • How will I know which doctor to decide on?
    • Ans: As only you can choose the most idyllic doctor for your healthcare requirements is the sole reason why Viezec gives you so much info. Each time you are selecting a doctor, you should look at their experience, education and the type of reviews they engender from the patients they have treated.

About planning your healthcare journey

  • Will I be able to pick my own hotels for stay contingent upon my budget?
    • Ans: Yes, this is completely your choice as to where to stay. There are no compulsions, but since Viezec knows the local situation so well, we will be happy to help you.
  • How do I set about the medical journey after reaching the treatment destination?
    • Ans: Representative from Viezec will be with you at every step after getting you from the airport to the moment you depart after an efficacious medical treatment result. The solitary function of our representative is to help you throughout the healthcare expedition in India. We will make sure that your local conveyance is appropriately arranged to and from the accommodation to the hospital and that your appointments with the doctors are appropriately programmed.
  • How will I go around because I can only speak in my native language?
    • Ans: In such a situation, Viezec will make available international translators who can help during the international process. Viezec will also inquire with the hospital facility if they can address particular language prerequisites.
  • Will I have the option to cancel the process after having arrived and met doctors?
    • Ans: The choice to undergo process or not is yours and you will consequently always have the right to change your plans at any point of time. You can at all times contact [email protected] for help in case you ever find yourself in this scenario. Viezec will be willing to help you find another hospital facility which seems apt to you.

About Payments

  • How do I make payments for my treatment in India?
    • Ans: 10% of the whole treatment package should be deposited with Viezec beforehand for pre-booking medical appointments. Balance 90% amount has to be paid at the hospital on arrival before starting treatment. Patients will have to settle the balance of the concluding bill before being discharged from the hospital. In case patients bump into any trouble, they can contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • How much money will I need to carry for my healthcare journey to India?
    • Ans: You should be carrying sufficient money with you to cover the cost of accommodation and medical process here accompanied by what is moreover required for your other prerequisites like food, shopping and entertainment.

About post treatment follow-up care

  • What about follow-up care after I have returned home from my healthcare journey?
    • Ans: Viezec’s objective is to make sure that your healthcare voyage runs smoothly before, during and after treatment overseas. Once you have returned back home after medical treatment in India, we will still be at your service and will be willing to do our best so as to ensure that your requirements are met all the time. Viezec coordinator will always be accessible for any queries you have post treatment. Furthermore, you could always mail us at [email protected] for any form of support.

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