Open Heart Bypass Surgery in Delhi NCR, India

Heart bypass surgery is common procedure that is performed on adults. Also called CABG, Coronary artery Bypass Graft surgery is a process that is performed in Open Heart Bypass Surgery Hospital in India, when blood vessels that are supposed to transport the blood are temporarily blocked. In this case a new pathway needs to be devised that reaches the heart muscle. This process is ideal for patients, whose coronary arteries are blocked. This is a complicated procedure and involves prior preparation and recovery time, rarely does it occur a sudden case of surgery. These days, Open Heart Bypass Surgery hospitals in Delhi offer minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery. The Surgical process in India is a safe and the incorporation of effective procedure reduces any future risk of heart attacks and untimely death.

Principal procedures

    • Heart Bypass Surgery (CABG)
    • Beating Heart Bypass Surgery
    • ASD / VSD closures
    • Valve Replacements Fem-Pop Bypass


Open heart Bypass Surgery Procedure

There exists an array of options that doctors have at their disposal that can help fix the blockage. Coronary heart disease if not treated timely can lead to severe case of heart problems. Coronary disease  is when the coronary arteries become congested with fat and calcium deposit, which is acknowledged as “plaques”. It is in such condition that an open heart bypass surgery acts as the effective weapon against  blocked arteries.. The best hospitals for bypass surgery in Delhi employ latest techniques and state-of-the-art facility that offers effective and long-lasting treatment. If left untreated, it can result in heart attack or heart failure. Open heart bypass surgery in Delhi NCR, India is implemented to create a new route (termed a “bypass”) for the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart. It is implemented when coronary artery is partially or totally jammed, these supply blood flow to the heart muscle. When coronary arteries become jammed the heart flunks to get sufficient blood, this is a slow process and is called atherosclerosis. Another condition which is labeled as a symptom of coronary artery disease, and can cause severe chest pain is Angina. Some coronary artery disease can be treated with medications alone, while severe cases necessitate coronary artery bypass surgery. There are some of the best hospitals for open heart bypass surgery in Delhi, which provide befitting medical treatment for the disease.

Before getting surgical procedure done, the patients are given anesthesia, which renders them unconscious and relieves them from any sense of pain. The effect of anesthesia lasts for the whole duration of the surgery. Most patients who undergo open heart bypass surgery in Delhi NCR, India are connected to a bypass pump or a heart-lung bypass machine which perform the work of the heart while the heart is motionless during the operation. The machine circulates the blood and imparts oxygen to it. Another technique doesn’t incorporate the use of machine but rather permits the bypass to be created while the heart is still beating, this technique is termed as off pump coronary artery bypass. Once the patient is unconscious, the doctor makes an incision of 10 inches long in the middle of the chest. In case of robotic heart surgery, three very miniscule incisions are made rather than single big one. The breastbone is then separated, this permits the doctor to check  the heart and aorta, it is the principal blood vessel leading out from the heart. The doctor will take an artery or vein from another part of the patients’ bodies and use it to make a graft (a detour) around the artery’s blocked area. Open Heart Bypass Surgery Hospitals in India have the provision to aid all this and more. Normally, the saphenous vein in the leg is used, an incision is made along the inside of the leg between the groin and ankle to cut the vein, which is then stitched to the coronary artery on one end and to an opening in the aorta on the other. At times, the inner mammary artery in the chest is used for grafting; this has the benefit that one end of this artery is already linked to the aorta, so only the other end needs to be stitched to the coronary artery. After the graft is done, the patients’ breastbone is rewired with a wire,which remains in the body and the incision is closed.

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