PDA Ligation

PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) Ligation Treatment in India

Patent DuctusArteriosus (PDA) is a heart problem that generally occurs soon after the birth of some babies. In this menace, abnormal blood flow takes place between two of the major arteries connected to the heart. If your baby is born with the PDA, no need to worry. We have best doctors who are specialist to treat PDA. Some children need quick treatment to close their PDAs. If your child’s breathing behaviour is uncommon, you need to seek out doctors. 

Symptoms PDA may include:

  • fatigue

  • sweating

  • rapid breathing

  • heavy breathing

  • congested breathing

  • disinterest in feeding, or tiring while feeding

  • poor weight gain


Patent Ductus Arteriosus is the sixth most common congenital heart defect, occurring in 6 to 11 percent of all children with congenital heart disease. as per the research, it disease occurs twice as often in girls as in boys. If any members in your family is suffering from the disease, consult Viezec as it will help you get the best hospital in India. It will help you choose the hospital, which has exceptional team of doctors to perform complex heart surgeries. If any member of your family is suffering from PDA, contact Viezec. It will help you choose the best hospitals filled in with reputed doctors. 

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