Arm Lift Surgery

If you desire a better looking and toned arm, the superlative choice for you is an arm lift cosmetic surgery. Medically named as Brachioplasty, Arm Lift surgery is a process that reforms the under portion from the underarm area to the elbow. Weight fluctuation and aging can be the reasons for a sagging upper Arm. Exercising cannot look after excess loose skin or underlying feeble tissues and fat deposits and that is precisely when you require an Arm Lift surgery.

Arm Lift Benefits

An Arm Lift surgery is the premium way to get rid of the superfluous skin and fat between the underarm and the elbow. It restructures your arm to smoothen the skin and contours it. Arm Lift cosmetic surgery tautens up the skin to look and feel more young-looking. The Arm Lift surgery offers balance and proportion in the silhouette of the arm. Patients feel comfy in the garments they wear and can be more self-confident in sleeveless garments. The effects of an Arm Lift surgery last for a very extended time and maximum individuals are quite satisfied with their outcomes.

Arm Lift Cost and Procedure Time

Viezec is here to assist you with the best quality low-cost medical processes. The medical facilities at Viezec cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other nations. Visiting patients will be enrolled in the top hospitals in India for the processes. You would be required to be in India for about a week for maximum of the cases. This is conceivable because wherever suitable the surgeries are done by minimally invasive method. Virtually all our doctors are board certified doctors and trained in the West. The estimated expenditure, all inclusive cost of Cosmetic Arm Lift surgery will be USD $2375 and this might differ contingent on the implant, surgeon, facility and city of the process. Viezec works towards guaranteeing reasonable medical facilities to its patients.

Arm Lift Surgery through Viezec

Any type of surgery requires serious planning and gathering of info. At Viezec, we have the benefit of gigantic experience in dealing with patients, comprehend the significance of every surgery and treat every patient professionally. Viezec cares about your requirements and guarantees to offer you the superlative price for the medical facilities. The operations are done by skilled and top surgeons in India. Viezec offers countless treatments and techniques under one umbrella. Our case executive, nurse case manager and surgeons will be continually coordinating with the patient and relatives throughout their consultation,  patient inspection, diagnosis, examination, operation, instant post-operative period and recovery while your stay in India. We have a sturdy follow-up process and the patients are contacted in their home nation for after care. All our patients owing to their trust in us have referred their friends and relatives to Viezec for numerous medical prerequisites. This, itself, is a testament to the fact that they had the finest patient experience.

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Arm Lift Pre-Procedure Requirement

  • Get lab testing or a medical assessment.
  • Take certain medicines or adjust your present medications.
  • Stop smoking well beforehand of surgery.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines and herbal supplements as they can upsurge bleeding.
  • Follow special directions given by the doctor.
  • Discuss methodically with your doctor and ask queries.

Arm Lift Surgery Procedure

Medicines and anesthesia are administered for your ease. Contingent on the quantity and location of excess skin, the incision length and pattern is decided, usually placed on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm and outspreads from the underarm to just overhead the elbow. For fat removal, your arm will be treated with liposuction then the underlying tissue is tautened up and restructured with internal stitches. Finally, the skin is smoothed over the new silhouette of your arm. Your incisions will be closed.

Arm Lift Post Procedure Advice

Post the Arm Lift surgery, the incisions will be dressed. Your arms will be enfolded in an elastic bandage or compression clothing. A small tube might be provisionally put to drain surplus blood or fluid. You will be given particular directions. Patients will be permitted to go home soon after the surgery and can recommence work in a week. Abstain from heavy lifting or over activity. Patients are typically up and around on the day of operation.

Arm Lift FAQ’s

  1. Will Arm Lift surgery be hurting?

Postoperative pain is subjective and will differ significantly from individual to individual.
  1. Will there be scarring with Arm Lift cosmetic surgery?

Maximum scars are visible, at least initially. Any scar goes through a maturation procedure, which takes a year to complete.
  1. What are some characteristic short-term side-effects of having an Arm Lift surgery?

There will be feeling of tautness in the upper arm and inflammation because of the trauma of surgery. Maximum of these side-effects resolve with time.
  1. What kind of anesthesia will be used for Arm Lift surgery?

Most Arm Lift surgery is implemented under a general anesthetic.
  1. Where is the scar?

The scar has runs following along the arm from the elbow to the underarm.
  1. How long will it take for my scar to reconcile?

The incision continues to reconcile for at least 12 months following operation.
  1. Is Liposuction done as well?

Yes, Liposuction is always done with an Arm Lift. The purpose of the liposuction is to decrease the volume of Arm fat before excising skin.
  1. Who is a good contender for an Arm Lift surgery?

Generally patients who have experienced enormous weight loss and have hereditarily hulking arms are good contenders for an Arm Lift.
  1. How long does the Arm Lift surgery take?

The surgery for an Arm Lift surgery takes around three to four hours.
  1. When can I go back to normal activities?

Maximum patients can go back to work in seven to ten days, as long as the job does not necessitate lots of physical activity.
  1. What is Arm Lift surgery (Brachioplasty)?

It is the medical term for an Arm Lift surgery. It means arm (brachio) restructuring (plasty). The surplus upper arm tissue is taken out using direct excision or a blend of liposuction followed by direct excision.
  1. Is Arm Lift surgery painful?

Maximum patients report that the pain is very bearable.
  1. Who is a good contender for an Arm Lift surgery?

A good contender will be somebody in overall good health who wishes to improve the silhouette of their upper arms.
  1. When should I call my doctor?

Call your doctor if you have the following symptoms:
  • Fever over 101° F after the operation
  • Increasing discomfort or inflammation
  • Redness or soreness
  • Numbness

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