Breast Augmentation Surgery in Delhi, India

Breast Augmentation Surgery & Cost in India

Breast Augmentation Surgery in India has become common among cosmetic clinics and hospitals in India due to low cost. With the passage of time, breast augmentation techniques in India have become common. Despite of being tall, fair and pretty, a woman did not feel attractive if she does have small breasts. Perfect size breasts work to enhance overall look of a woman. Such a woman can opt for breast augmentation surgery, a procedure through which silicon pads are inserted between the ribcage and the mammary glands to improve the size of a woman’s breasts. Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to improve breast size with breast implants. Women generally go for the procedure after childbirth, surgery, etc.

What is a breast implant?

It is a procedure where medical devices are inserted in the breast tissue surgically to increase the size of the breasts. There are three types of implants, including:

  • Saline implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Alternative-composition implants

In the breast augmentation surgery in Delhi is a procedure, a cut is made at the edge of the lower half of the areola and the excess tissue is removed. The scar of the cut is barely visible. Fat tissue is removed by liposuction at the same time. Such a procedure is performed usually under local anesthesia, and the patient can go home a few hours after the operation. If you are looking for the best cosmetic surgeons of India, you need to consult a healthcare consultant like Viezec in India. It will help you from starting your search to you reach your home after the treatment.

Breast augmentation surgery hospital in India— it is also known as an augmentation mammoplasty procedure which is essentially a surgery that variably increases the breast size. It involves placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles.

For some women, breast augmentation is a way to feel more confident. For others, it is confirmed as a part of the rebuilding process that affects the breast with its various conditions.

In case, if you’re considering to undergo breast augmentation in Delhi, consult a plastic surgeon. Make sure that you understand what the surgery majorly involves, this means measuring what is inclusive of is possible risk, complications and follow-up care.

Why it’s done

Breast augmentation surgery hospital might help you:

  • You can enhance your appearance in case you think the breasts look too small or that one of them is smaller than the other
  • Adjust the breast and reduce in size, in case the breasts change shape after pregnancy.
  • Correct the uneven breasts post the breast surgery for various conditions
  • This will help improve your self-confidence

Consult your goals with your surgeon so you can have a realistic goal about what the breast augmentation surgery in Delhi can do for you.


Breast augmentation surgery hospital poses as risk, which is highly inclusive of:

  • Scar tissue which distorts the breast implants look.
  • Some breast pain
  • Infection
  • Alterations in the nipple also in case of breast sensation
  • Implant leakage or any kind of rupture

Correcting the complications which might require some breast augmentation surgery in India, you might need to either replace the implant or get it removed.

How you prepare for the surgery?

You’ll consult a plastic surgeon which is about the preference of size, feel and look of the breasts. The surgeon will describe specific types of implants which happens to look smooth or textured as the need be, and in case of round shape or some teardrop shape, that happens to be saline or silicone, this might come out to be as an option for various surgical techniques. Breast augmentation surgery hospital in India is offered by the best surgeons and doctors with years of experience.

Before you decide to have surgery, consider the following:

  • Breast implants are not designed to prevent the breasts from sagging.To get rid of sagging breasts, you must consider getting a breast lift also along with breast augmentation.
  • Breast implants show no guarantee of lasting a lifetime.The average expected life span that an implant shows or is known to exist for is about 10 years. Implant ruptures are also common. The breasts would continue to age and be affected by various factors like weight gain or weight loss. Along with this there are chances that the look of your breasts, can change owing to these troubles. The issues that are more likely to lead towards surgery.
  • Mammograms can get more complicated.In case you have breast implants, you would definitely require specialized view in addition to routine mammograms.
  • Breast implants may tamper with the breast-feeding process. A few women are successful in breast-feeding even after the breast augmentation process. For others, breast-feeding can post as a great challenge.

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