Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery cost in India

Breast lift surgery cost in India is affordable and the procedure is available in most of the cosmetic clinics. If you have perfect sized breasts, but they are moderate to severe sagging, then you should consider breast lift surgery as it will ensure to raise and create a firmer, normal looking breast.Also known as Mastopexy surgery, the breast lift surgery is commonly performed as a hospital based procedure. The type of procedure hospitals and research institutions carry out depends on the breast volume, the amount of breast sag and the quantum of loose skin. Healthcare service providers and cosmetic surgeons in India are capable enough to perform the procedure with perfection and leave minimal scars which are hidden.Breast lift surgery cost in India is also minimal so the number of international patients increase manifold. 

Are you a candidate of breast lift surgery in India?

A good candidate for breast lift surgery is typically:

  • Someone with a sound health
  • Must be over 18 yrs old
  • Must have no major medical issues
  • Not planning on breastfeeding
  • Has breasts that lack firmness or substance
  • Has breasts that are sagging, but adequate in size


Mastopexy/breast lift procedure aims to reshape as well as reposition the breasts in its youthful position. Sometimes, implants may be needed to replace the loss of volume. Pregnancy after mastopexy will cause the breast to enlarge further and a well supporting bra will help. If you consider yourself perfect for the surgery, you should consider to meet Viezec, a medical consultant in India. It will help you get associated with the competic clinics in India. 

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