Chin Augmentation

Get a strongly demarcated jaw line or gorgeously defined cheeks. Chin augmentation is for males and females who yearn for a better-looking chin that augments your facial features.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

A snowballing number of individuals are becoming cognizant about the way their face appears. They prefer using operations to augment their facial features. If you are eyeing to highlight your chin, then Chin Augmentation surgery, medically called as Mentoplasty and Genioplasty, is what you should opt for. This process is to modify the chin either by enhancing it with an implant or decreasing the chin bone.

Chin Augmentation Benefits

A Chin Augmentation surgery aids you to have a chin that projects as forward as the lip crafting a more eye-catching combination of features. The Chin Augmentation process rectifies a weak chin, gives the face a lengthier look and a pretty appearance. Chin augmentation, medically labeled as Mentoplasty, is a surgery to augment the chin either with an implant or reduction on the bone. Chin augmentation can be done in conjunction with a nose job (Rhinoplasty) just so proportional facial features can be attained since the chin size enlarges or reduces the supposed nose size.

Chin Augmentation Cost and Procedure Time

Viezec is here to assist you with the best quality low-cost medical processes. The medical facilities at Viezec cost about 70-80 percent lesser than USA, UK and other nations. Visiting patients will be enrolled in the top hospitals in India for the processes. You would be required to be in India for about a week for maximum of the cases. This is conceivable because wherever suitable the surgeries are done by minimally invasive method. Virtually all our doctors are board certified doctors and trained in the West. The estimated expenditure, all inclusive cost of Cosmetic Chin Augmentation Surgery will be USD $1615 and this might differ subjected to the implant, surgeon, facility and city of the process. Viezec works towards guaranteeing reasonable medical facilities to its patients.

Chin Augmentation Surgery through Viezec

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Chin Augmentation Pre-Procedure Requirement


    • Getting a lab test or a medical assessment done.
    • Taking medicines or fine-tuning your current medicines.
    • Quitting smoking well before the operation.
    • Avoiding taking aspirin and certain anti-inflammatory pills.
    • Following special directions given by your surgeon.


Chin Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Medications and anesthesia are administered for the patient’s comfort during the operation. For a Chin Augmentation surgery, the incision is made inside the mouth alongside the fold that joins the lower lip and gums. A substitute incision option is just underneath the chin. The implants are typically placed through the mouth, back along the jaw line, at the pleat where the inside of your cheek and gums meet. The exact place to be amplified in the cheek decides where an implant should be inserted. Cheek implants are placed via incisions in the mouth. Your incisions will be bolted with absorbable sews that will be removed within a week or two after the operation. The result of Chin Augmentation surgery is obvious just about instantaneously.

Chin Augmentation Post Procedure Advice

You have to be prepared with what to anticipate after the Chin Augmentation surgery. You should have asked your surgeon all the questions you have about your individual retrieval period. The concluding result of your Chin Augmentation surgery will be long-lasting; but the preliminary healing stage might include inflammation, discoloration, numbness or discomposure. Facial movements could be provisionally limited.

Chin Augmentation FAQ’s


    1. What is Chin Augmentation surgery (Mentoplasty or Genioplasty)?


Mentoplasty or Genioplasty are the medical tags for Chin Augmentation surgery. It is a plastic surgery which employs an implant to pep up the appearance of the chin. This process makes the jawline stronger or builds up a weak chin, thus, bringing a better equilibrium between the chin and the rest of the face.

    1. What is a Chin Implant made of?


They comprise of Gore-Tex, Merselene mesh, solid silicone and other materials and they come in a multiplicity of dimensions and shapes which can be tailored to the individual.

    1. Who is a good contender for a Chin Augmentation surgery?


Those who are dissatisfied with the way their chin or jaw look are good contenders for a Chin Augmentation surgery. It is imperative that patients are in good health and have genuine expectations.

    1. What does the consultation for a Chin Augmentation surgery entail?


You will need to clarify what you dislike about your chin or jaw to your doctor during this consultation. It is better if you can bring sample photographs of chins that you would like to attain. You have to present your medical history and also discuss any prior facial surgery you have had. Discuss the possible results and other details of the operation, such as the anesthesia, the facility, the retrieval and risks.

    1. What kind of anesthesia will be used for the Chin Augmentation surgery?


Surgeons commonly use general anesthesia for the Chin Augmentation surgery.

    1. How is the Chin Augmentation surgery performed?


To augment the chin, an incision is made inside the lower lip or just underneath the chin. For jaw augmentation, either side of the inside of the lower mouth is incised. Then the appropriate size and shape implant will be inserted into a pocket. Finally, the incisions are closed and the chin is fastened.

    1. How long does the Chin Augmentation surgery take?


A Chin Augmentation procedure usually takes an hour or two to carry out.

    1. Will I have scars after the Chin Augmentation surgery?


When the incision for the Chin Augmentation surgery is made on the inside, there is no visible scarring. But, when the incision is on the skin just beneath the chin, you will have a trivial scar.

    1. Will I be in pain?


Patients might experience some discomposure and facial movements like smiling and talking can be challenging at first.

    1. What is the retrieval like after the Chin Augmentation surgery?


Be prepared to experience some inflammation and discomposure after Genioplasty. There might be some bruising around the chin and neck. Talking, smiling and other facial movements will bring some discomposure at first. Nevertheless, major inflammation will fade within a couple of days.

    1. How soon will I be able to go back to work?


Maximum activities might be recommenced within ten days of the surgery.

    1. How soon will I be able to exercise?


Rigorous activities will need to be adjourned for the first some weeks after the operation.

    1. When will the stitches be taken out after the Chin Augmentation surgery?


Intra-oral sutures dissolve on their own while stitches used on the outside of the skin will be removed within five to seven days.

    1. When should I call my surgeon?


Call your surgeon if you have the following symptoms:

    • Fever above 101° F after the operation
    • Increasing pain or swelling
    • Soreness or tenderness
    • Numbness

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