Plastic Surgery by Stem cell

Stem cell plastic surgery and stem cell facelift cosmetic surgery in India is highly appreciated for being affordable to everyone. Regenerative medicine using stem cells has developed by manifold over the last decade. Plastic surgeons historically have used tissues of human being to restore various fault body parts and utilized a single cell lines for the tissue regeneration. Scientists from all over the world have proved that the use of stem-cell enriched fat grafts for reconstructive surgery shows that the procedure is safe, reliable and effective. Stem cell plastic surgery in India is a perfect option for different plastic surgeries and its cost is also very low. Stem cell therapy is not only cost effective, but also requires minimal invasive surgery. With the advent of stem cell technology, Plastic surgeons have created a revolutionary new procedure, termed a “Stem Cell Facelift”. This “Stem Cell Facelift” is a complete facial rejuvenation procedure, which is performed at the Plastic Surgery Center without involving any surgery. Stem cell plastic surgery hospital in India offers the best treatment for patient’s particular condition.

Cosmetic stem cell therapy encompassing all the body parts, including:

  • Eyes
  • Forehead
  • Temples
  • Cheeks
  • Laugh lines
  • Frown lines
  • hands
  • Buttocks

Cosmetic Stem Cell plastic surgery in Delhi treatment procedure employs stem cells to rejuvenate and refurbish your body into a more appealing and elegant shape in a safe and natural manner. With the latest technology coupled with modern stem cell plastic surgery in India techniques, it has become possible to create autologous multipotent adult Mesenchymal stem cells and inject them into some other part of the body to repair and regenerate the area. To know about best hospitals and research centers in India, contact us. We are a reputed and known healthcare consultant in India.

Stem cell plastic surgery in India

To evaluate the affect that stem cells have in the realm of plastic surgery, a particular focus is kept on the advances as well as limitations of the stem cell therapies. Different key areas are amenable to that of stem cell therapy and are addressed well. These are inclusive of regeneration of the soft tissue, peripheral nerves, bone, cartilage, as well as skin aging and wound healing. Stem cell plastic surgery in India, is focused on the cosmetic surgery.


The studies demonstrate that promising results can be achieved, with favorable outcomes and minimum complications. In case, you suffer from adipose tissue derived stem cell (ADSC) which can be transplanted and appear to render some optimum and effective treatment with options for any kind of defect especially the bony and soft tissue defects go away, stem cell plastic surgery in India helps with non-healing wounds. ADSCs have been showing some effect in case of aesthetic surgery as well.

Stem cell plastic surgery in Delhi is carried out by professional and experienced doctors, since the demand of beautiful and picture perfect face features have been growing. The cosmetic surgery is one of the most sought after treatment which is used to treat the forehead, temples, chins, cheeks, frown lines, jowls, laugh line, jaw line, chin, buttocks, cellulite dimples, calves, hair line and scar reduction. Stem cell plastic surgery hospital employs the best treatment with the most innovative techniques and tools to impart best and optimum results.


Stem Cell plastic surgery in India takes somewhere about 2 hours or 120 minutes & is also performed under the effect of local anaesthesia

  1. Stem cells are accumulated in the syringes and are then processed with the help of special technique to shift out the adult stem cells.
  2. This amount of adult stem cell which are concentrated is then prepared to be infused to be treated in the desired parts.

Stem cell plastic surgery in India, is the most sought after treatment and cosmetic surgery procedure that holds the prowess of changing people’s lives. You may not be happy about the shape of your nose or wish for a better and in-shape cheekbone, whatever it is that you wish to change in your appearance, stem cell plastic surgery in Delhi, is able to provide you just that and more.

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