Periodontics Root Planning Treatment in Delhi, India

Dentistry is the branch of medical science that handles the dental and oral health of the person. Individuals have gone a step ahead and opted for cosmetic surgery for different oral health issues. This largely involves extraction, scaling, and root canal as some of the common treatments. Largely it includes, extraction, scaling, root canal, and periodontics root planning treatment in India.

Types of Dental Surgery Treatment

    • Dental Laser Whitening
    • Tooth Veneers
    • Tooth Contouring and Reshaping
    • Smile Designing/Makeover
    • Root Canal Treatment
    • Periodontics Treatment
    • Periodontics Root Planning
    • Mouth Tumors
    • Dental Crowns
    • Full Denture
    • Endodontic
    • Dental Implant or Fixed Teeth
    • Maxillofacial Surgery


What is Periodontics root planning?

The treatment, also called scaling and root planning, confiscates plaque and bacteria that germinate underneath the gums and averts bone loss that can loosen the teeth and complicate the related medical conditions such as diabetes and heart ailment. The chief aim of opting for periodontics root planning treatment in India is to get rid of dental plaque and calculus (tartar), which gives shelter to bacteria that releases toxins which cause swelling to the gum tissue and surrounding bone. A prophylaxis refers to scaling and polishing of the teeth so as to avert oral diseases.

Why do we need Periodontics Root Planning Treatment?

Gum disease can grow onto becoming plaque. Plaque formation on teeth if not cleaned well, bacteria can cause gums to become inflamed. Gums will pull away from the teeth and form spaces called pockets. If the plaque gets trapped in the pockets it can never be removed with brushing. If the situation goes untreated the gum disease could affect the bone and tooth loss. Periodontics Root Planning Hospital in India offer damage control to the structure below the gum line. Professional cleaning should be done. The pockets between gums and teeth are too deep, scaling and root planning. The deep cleaning process has two parts to it. Scaling is the process of dentist removing plaque and tartar above. Making sure the root planning is done and smoothened out.

After Care Periodontics Root Planning in India

After deep cleaning you may have pain for a day or two and the teeth sensitivity goes upto a week or so. The gums may feel swollen, tender, and bleed. To prevent the infection from deteriorating, controlling the pain, and help you heal better. The dentist may prescribe you some kind of pill or mouth rinse. The dentists has also insert medication directly the pocket was cleaned. To get the best Periodontics Root Planning Treatment in Delhi schedule your dentist’s appointment you will have the best treatment. Good dental care at home will definitely save you from all the trouble. Keep gum diseases at bay with the help of ensuring no gum issue escalates. Brush your teeth twice a day. Clean your teeth daily, eat balanced diet and avoid tobacco and go to see your dentist regularly.

Warning signs that can signal a problem

    • Gum that bleeds easily
    • Red, tender, and swollen gums.
    • Gums that have gone away from the teeth.
    • Bad breath
    • Bad taste and consistency of it
    • Change the way your teeth fit together
    • Any change in the partial dentures.


Some factors increase the risk of escalating gum disease. They are:

    • Poor oral hygiene has been the case.
    • Smoking or indulging in chewing tobacco.
    • Genetics and hereditary issues
    • Crooked teeth
    • Hard to clean crooked teeth.
    • Pregnancy can be one condition
    • Diabetes can be another reason for the same.
    • Medications, including steroids, certain types of anti-epilepsy drugs, cancer therapy drugs, some calcium channel blockers and oral contraceptives.


Advanced gum disease is called periodontitis. Chronic periodontitis an enormous effect of about 47.2% on adults aged over 30 in the United States. It can lead to severe loss of tissue and bone that support the teeth and it may become more severe over time. Viezec is a premium name in the medical service provider world with across the globe span of patients. The low cost of treatment offered in India has been the major reason for handling all the processes and flock of patients coming in bulk to India. Our mission is to ensure modest price of service with best quality treatment and abounding features and customer gratification by rendering best quality dentistry treatments at affordable prices. Our patients have a great deal of respect for the treatment offered. The people who have consulted us and found their perfect treatment have been carrying forward the word to others looking for same treatment.

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