Stem Cells Help in Diabetic Treatment 

Stem cell therapy may cure type 2 diabetes researchers have proved. Stem cell researchers have announced that they have made a breakthrough in the quest to find a truly effective stem cell therapy treatment for type 1 diabetes. In addition, healthcare professionals also disclose how a combination of stem cell transplantation and anti diabetic medication can successfully heal mice with type 2 diabetes. Viezec is associated with a number of hospitals and research institutes providing stem cell treatment for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In each of diabetes, employing one’s own stem cells can assist the pancreas regenerate and enhance its ability to produce insulin. It is seen that patients are experiencing health benefits even 6 months after stem cell diabetes treatment.

Causes of type 2 diabetes:

  • Obesity
  • Poor diet 
  • Low activity level
  • Genetics and family history
Stem cells taken from bone marrow are being investigated as possible treatments for diabetes type 2. It remains too early to know which approach will be most suitable, but the rate of success is very high. Professionals need evidence collected in clinical trials to determine if a proposed stem cell treatment is both safe and effective. Viezec helps people to get the best treatment in India.