Lipid Storage & Addison’s Disorder in Delhi, India

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Lipid storage and Addison’s Disease Treatment in India.

Indian healthcare service providers and hospitals are well equipped with the latest machines and staffs to provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient lipid storage disorders treatment & management in India. The Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders of our network hospitals hold the capability to undertake management of diabetes mellitus and thyroid disorders. Lipid storage disorders treatment & management cost in India is also very low. On the same lines, Addisons Disease Treatment in India has also prevailed and gaining popularity due to being cost effective. Therefore people from all over the world consider Viezec for the treatment of different kinds of diabetes. Before starting the treatment, a series of comprehensive tests are performed to find out the exact disease. Apart from befitting treatment, other services for international patients are also taken care of. This encompasses, their stay, commute services, visa and travel planning, we assist you through it all.

Addisons Disease Hospital in India have a team of well versed doctors who are adept at their subject matter.

Addison’s disease – Cause, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Addison’s Disease also called hypocortisolism or adrenal insufficiency, is a rare endocrine disorder which takes place when the adrenal gland flops to produce the cortisol hormones -glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids. If you experience Addison’s disease, you should consider Indian healthcare service providers, Viezec, as we are technologically advanced and have skilled doctors. Consult Viezec’s network of hospitals to know about addison’s disease and its cause, symptoms and diagnosis. It occurs in all age groups and affects both sexes and it can be life-threatening too. Indian healthcare service providers have technologically advanced mechanisms to perform different tests and offer proper treatment with the help of Addisons disease Hospital in India. Medical tourism in India is preferred due to the cost effective treatment for international as well as domestic customers.


Addison’s Disease Treatment in Delhi India is offered by professionals, the symptoms of the disease start to occur slowly over the months. Some signs and symptoms of the same are:

  • Weight loss and decreased appetite
  • Low blood pressure, even fainting
  • Muscle or joint pains
  • Depression or other behavioral symptoms
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Darkening of your skin (hyperpigmentation)
  • Salt craving
  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Nausea, diarrhea or vomiting (gastrointestinal symptoms)

Causes of Addison’s Disease

Addison’s Disease is caused by damage to the glands (adrenal). The outcome is loss of cortisol hormone, and aldosterone. The adrenal gland is a part of endocrine system. The hormones produced gives virtually every organ and tissue some or the other instructions. Adrenaline insufficiency isn’t tolerable and leads to the pertaining disease. Addisons Disease Treatment in Delhi is taken care of well by expert hospitals with the help of skilled doctors.

Addison ’s disease can have adverse effects and should not occur. The dose you are prescribed must be abided by truly. You must be sure to use the correct and directed amount of medicine. The doctor’s advice must not be avoided and left at any point in time.

What is lipid storage disease?

Lipid storage diseases are a whole bunch of inherited metabolic disorders in which fatty materials like lipids get accumulated in various tissues and cells of the body. People suffering from this disorder fail to produce enzymes that are necessary to break down lipids. Over the time, excess storage of fats can lead to permanent cell and tissue damage.

How are these disorders diagnosed?

Some of the disorders get screened at the time of birth. In children, the treatment gets diagnosed with the help of proper clinical examination, enzyme, genetic testing, biopsy, and molecular analysis of tissues. Urine analysis can be identified in the presence of stored material. In others, abnormality gets detected with the help of biopsy if tissue. Genotyping is the kind of process that helps detect if the person carried defective genes that may be forwarded to children that are born of them.

Viezec is your medical tourism partner that strives to provide you the best treatment possible from the network of hospitals that provides you with the best doctors of the subject matter. We are committed towards providing you cost-efficient medical facility with taking care of all your travel and related needs. Our assistance is sure to help you find your befitting treatment at a budget friendly price.

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