Ethmoidectomy Surgery in Delhi, India

Ethmoidectomy Surgery in India

Ethmoid sinuses are situated in between eyes and bridge of the nose. They are the key to treating most of the sinus infections since all the other infections or sinuses drain through. The infection can get fatal if not treated on time, hence, Ethmoidectomy surgery in India is famed and removes infected tissue and bone of an ethmoid sinuses. This blocks the natural drainage of the sinus. The surgeon who gets in touch with you will offer you the best Ethmoidectomy surgery in Delhi. Ethmoid sinuses with an endoscope which is a thin and flexible tube with miniature camera and light at the end of it.

Another special instrument is employed by Ethmoidectomy surgery hospital in India for the task, it is called microdebrider which has a tiny curve which is rotating tip that helps removing the tissue surgery. The camera and microdebrider blended and used together makes up for the best and most effective bone and affected tissue removal. Health tourism services for Ethmoidectomy Surgery is offered by the best network of hospitals and upheld by surgeons.

Types of Ethmoidectomy Surgery in India

    • Mastoidectomy
    • Ethmoidectomy
    • Adenoidectomy
    • Maxillary Antral – Sinus Washout
    • Thyroplasty
    • Septoplasty
    • Bronchoscopy
    • Pharyngoplasty


What is Ethmoidectomy?

Ethmoidectomy is the medical name for a process which encompasses confiscating the partitions in between the ethmoid sinuses so that a larger sinus cavity is created. This process treats sinus infections and sinus obstructions that have been the reason of chronic sinus problems. The process might also encompass the elimination of nasal polyps present in the ethmoid. Viezec is one of the superlative medical service providers across the globe for patients who are eyeing for low cost ENT surgery treatment in India. We have the finest cosmetic surgeons on board in association with world-class top hospitals in India. Our aim is to guarantee 100 percent customer gratification by rendering top-quality surgery facilities at reasonable costs.

Benefits of Ethmoidectomy Surgery in India

It is imperative that you consult your doctor for a detailed explanation and benefits and risks of the procedure, as well as the kind of surgery he or she is expecting to be performed on him or her.

After your Ethmoidectomy surgery in Delhi, you must have better sinus problems and the infections must have minimized along with the symptoms that go with them. Here are some of the symptoms of surgery upheld by Ethmoidectomy surgery hospital in India:

    • headaches,
    • facial pressure
    • Pain
    • stuffy nose
    • Nasal discharge.


Risk of Ethmoidectomy

The surgery is carried out with some risk from anesthesia and possible infection. With a health tourism services for Ethmoidectomy surgery, you may have some bleeding post the operation. There are some risks involved in cerebrospinal fluid leak and other serious injuries which can affect the brain that can be difficult to repair.

Since, the ethmoid sinuses are very close to the eyes, there is a risk that is involved in the damage of the muscle which controls eye movement and the optic nerve itself. The injury is hard to fix and once it gets damaged it would be hard to recover. Also, the bleeding can affect your eye’s vision which it’s not treated the right away.

It is in rare moments that, patients lose some or all of their sense of smell. Patients that are dealing with some additional health problems may also suffer from other risks. Please ensure that you ask the right questions to your doctor related to the potential complications that can affect you and alter your procedure.

After Surgery Precaution

Immediately post the surgery you will be taken into the recovery room and there you will be monitored for about an hour or so. This is to ensure that you face no complications whatsoever. Prior to leaving the hospital you would get all the important instructions on how to take care for your sinus trouble. When to return and visit the doctor as per the provided prescriptions. Your doctor will give you several prescriptions and include some of the pain medications. There are some cases in which you will recover same day.

Viezec as health tourism service provider

Viezec offers best treatment from network of reputed hospitals which is offered by the best surgeons, we are trusted and reliable service provider. We offer visa procedure handling along with accommodation management as well for the patients.

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