Mastoidectomy Surgery in Delhi, India

Mastoidectomy is the surgical procedure which helps remove the infected portion when medical treatment fails to show desired result. Mastoidectomy surgery in India is performed to ensure that the infected mastoid which results from ear infections or by any inflammatory disease. The mastoid air cells contain open spaces in the air which is located in the mastoid bone. The cells of the air are connected to cavity, Mastoidectomy surgery in Delhi is a prominent procedure which helps turn the discomfort into comfort.

Types of ENT Surgery Treatment

    • Mastoidectomy
    • Ethmoidectomy
    • Adenoidectomy
    • Maxillary Antral – Sinus Washout
    • Thyroplasty
    • Septoplasty
    • Bronchoscopy
    • Pharyngoplasty


What is Mastoidectomy?

A Mastoidectomy is a process which is executed to remove the mastoid air cells. This can be done as part of treatment of mastoiditis, chronic suppurative otitis media or cholesteatoma. Furthermore, it is at times implemented as part of other techniques (cochlear implant) or for access to the middle ear.

What is Mastoidectomy treatment in India?

The Mastoidectomy is performed when the patient is fully asleep under general anesthesia. There are different types of Mastoidectomy procedures, which depend on the intensity of infection:

    • Simple (or closed) Mastoidectomy: The operation is performed through an incision in the ear or with the help of a minor cut through behind the ear. The surgeon cuts open the mastoid bone and aids to remove the infected cells of air. The eardrum which is incised to drain the middle ear. The topical antibiotics are placed in the ear for further.
    • Radical Mastoidectomy. Radical Mastoidectomy procedure removes the bone and is usually performed for an extensive spread of the cholesteatoma.
    • The eardrum and the middle ear structure can be completely eradicated. Usually the, the “stirrup” shaped bone, is left alone if possible.
    • Modified radical Mastoidectomy. In the procedure, some middle ear bones are left in place and the eardrum is rebuilt by the procedure specific to the treatment.


Post the surgery, the wound is stitched back up and around the drainage tube and correct dressing is done.

Post treatment care

The drainage tube which is required to be inserted during the surgery gets typically ejected in a day or two days later. Painkillers and taking medications is required to be taken which helps take care of the pain that persists post the surgery. The patient is required to take in fluids. Post the removal of stitches the mastoid dressing gets replaced with smaller dressing. The patients must inform of the physician in case you suffer from allergies, you must inform the doctor in case you see signs like:

    • Red bloods on the dressing which is really bright.
    • The meningitis sign and stiff neck or disorientation.
    • Facial paralysis
    • Dropping of mouth
    • Problems in swallowing


Risks involved with Mastoidectomy surgery in Delhi

Here are some of the complications which might occur, which may include:

    • Loss of hearing
    • Facial injury or nerve injury
    • Dizziness which is temporary.
    • The loss of taste which is temporary and on the tongue side.
    • Ear discharge which is persistent.


Results of the Mastoidectomy surgery

Healthy and clean ear is achieved with no infection any more. Modified radical and radical Mastoidectomy which usually causes loss of normal hearing. The surgery helps aid hearing better and is considered if the patient so chooses. There are definitely ways and methods to delay surgery. Most physicians ask you to undergo treatment and operation. It is the best chance for a successful treatment and lower the risk of complication.

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