Maxillary Antrostomy Surgery in Delhi, India

Maxillary Antral Surgery in India

Maxillary antrostomy surgical procedure is carried out to enlarge the opening of the maxillary sinus. This allows intervention within the maxillary sinus cavity, it also helps improve the sinus drainage. Maxillary antrostomy dates back to mid-1980’s and is the most likely a medical surgical approach that must be performed if you suffer from chronic sinus condition which is unresponsive and unrelated to any other medical therapy. Endoscopic sinus surgery is also well treated with the help of surgical procedure. Standard medical therapies that utilize consumption of antibiotics trials which last for 3 weeks to 6 weeks, nasal steroids and kinds of saline irrigations. Maxillary Antral Hospital in India.

How to Diagnose Chronic Sinusitis?

Prior to going under the knife it is necessary that you get yourself checked with your doctor. Maxillary Antral surgery in India is opted when the following conditions are affirmed:

    • Nasolacrimal duct has a position shift.
    • Mucus membrane thickens
    • Air versus fluid levels in the sinus
    • Polyps
    • Osteomeatal complex obstruction


Maxillary Antral surgery in Delhi sinus washes out clear the maxillary sinus of infectious drainage. This washout is principally addressed to the patients who are recurrently affected by the sinus infections and who cannot do away with these impediments with antibiotics or sprays. The maxilla (Cheek Bone) is vacuous. The space inside is called a sinus. The sinus in the maxilla is called the antrum and is very commodious. Maxillary Antral Hospital in India offers the best and the most comprehensive solution for medical conditions.

Preparation for Maxillary Antrostomy

Before proceeding with the surgery you will be offered clear instructions and will be guided what to eat and what not to eat. The drinks and food options will be ensured and verified with the best doctors. Preop area you are most likely to be provided Afrin Nasal Spray, it is ideal for decongesting and ensuring clear nasal passage. The afrin or topical cocaine used in nose is right solution for enhancing visibility.

Goals during a Maxillary Antrostomy

Maxillary Antral Hospital in India employs reputed and and highly qualified doctors who work with the ultimate goal of:

    1. Get rid of the uncinate process
    2. Maxillary sinuses’ natural opening is searched for
    3. Maxillary sinus opened enlargement
    4. Get rid of polyps from within the maxillary sinus cavity


It is important for your doctor to remove this uncinate process, through the initiation of the procedure in order to better visualize the maxillary sinus opening. If the sinus opening is not located and a new opening is created, you can have recycling of sinus drainage, where the drainage exits an opening and reenters the sinus cavity through the other opening.

What are the risks of Maxillary Antral Treatment?

    • Around the eye area injury, the orbital injury.
    • Blindness
    • Bleeding in nose
    • Duct injury of nasolacrimal
    • Meningitis
    • CSF rhinorrhea (Cerebrospinal Fluid)


Keeping aside the factor that nose is sure to bleed, it is rare and a risk factor affecting adversely. Associated risk factors are involved. The microdebrider surgical instrument is utilized, it is a safe and highly utilized instrument which is safe. It is imperative that you choose a skilled ENT specialist for the procedure.

Post the surgery you will be kept under observation in the post anesthesia care unit (PACU). The monitored bleeding, nausea and all the other potential complications that exist from the surgery can be understood well. A team of doctors will be working with you on your condition and will help you between 3 days to 5 days to recover and become better. The symptoms are sure to determine what further treatment must be adopted and the interventions as tried post the surgery are sure to change the fate of your condition.

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