Thyroplasty Surgery in Delhi, India

Thyroplasty Surgery in India

Thyroplasty is essentially a procedure in which the surgeon ensures to place an implant in the larynx, it is the voice box. Thyroplasty surgery in India is quiet common and there are minimum reputed and trusted surgeons and hospitals who hold the prowess to perform this procedure successfully. The time the vocal cords come in contact with each other, the vocal quality gets improved. This complicated procedure can only be handled by Thyroplasty surgery hospital in India by the best surgeon who can perform the procedure adeptly.

Types of ENT Surgery Treatment

    • Mastoidectomy
    • Ethmoidectomy
    • Adenoidectomy
    • Maxillary Antral – Sinus Washout
    • Thyroplasty
    • Septoplasty
    • Bronchoscopy
    • Pharyngoplasty


What is Thyroplasty?

Thyroplasty surgery in Delhi is a phonosurgical method which is designed to improve the voice by modifying the thyroid cartilage of the larynx which is the voice box, which is the house of vocal cords so as to alter the position or the length of the vocal cords. It is a specialized process which is performed on the larynx for patients with vocal cord paralysis, a serious ailment that takes place when there is an injury to the recurring laryngeal nerve, which supplies the majority of the muscles to the larynx.

A Thyroplasty surgery in India is the one which helps you with correcting the vocal cord weakness. Patients that suffer from vocal cord weakness may have a weak, breathy voice, and speaking and trying to use voice may require a considerable amount of effort. Since, the vocal folds wouldn’t close or shut off completely during the swallowing, the patient may also experience other symptoms like coughing and choking along with eating or drinking. The most common cause of the situation of vocal cord paralysis or paresis (partial weakness) is the partial injury which affects the recurrent laryngeal nerve. This nerve is the one which is held responsible for controlling the intrinsic muscles of the larynx. Thyroplasty surgery hospital in India show signs of trauma, surgery, viral infections, or the other causes. It is wise to say that a person who has previously suffered from a stroke which could later develop vocal cord paralysis.

Thyroplasty Treatment

The most effective and efficient treatment for weakness in the vocal cord is a Thyroplasty on the side of the nerve injury. This is an operation which is performed with the help of a small incision in the skin close to the larynx. A small piece of thyroid cartilage is taken away and removed instead of which a small block of silastic (medical grade plastic) is secured into the cartilage. The block acts as a shim which pushes the vocal fold to the midline to better and improve the vocal cord closure. A Thyroplasty surgery in India is a relatively quick procedure which is also painless procedure and usually is performed under the local anesthetic with the use of sedation. This anesthesia procedure and technique aids the surgeon to filter and better the voice of the patient by making minor modifications in the implant. Post the creation of silastic block and is situated into a position, a fiberoptic scope which is inserted through the nose of the patient so that the surgeon can now observe the block’s placement. The patient may be asked to speak and use voice so that the surgeon can see the movement of the vocal cords. In approximately one–third of the patients, which an implant is required in the opposite vocal cord to aid strengthening of the good side.

The procedure requires almost 1-2 hours to conclude. Post the procedure, the patient is taken to the Recovery Room this is done for observation and then admitted over the night to observe the airway. The patient gets discharged from the Thyroplasty surgery hospital in India the following day.

Post the Surgery: We ask the patients to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for one week. You must rest the voice by utilizing the “confidential” voice. “Confidential voice” is a technique in which the one speaks at a comfortable and best pitch and the loudness which ensures refraining from yelling or whispering. It is important to drink a plenty of liquids.

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