Laparoscopic Appendicitis Removal Surgery

Laparoscopic Appendix Removal Surgery in New Delhi, India

Laparoscopic Appendicitis Removal Surgery in India is the best way to get immediate relief without much expence and pain. The department of gastroenterology of Indian hospitals and research centers are skilled enough to perform laparoscopic appendix removal surgery in New Delhi, India. If you experience any of the symptoms of appendicitis, you must need to consult healthcare service providers as quickly as possible.If the appendix becomes infected (appendicitis), then the infected appendix must be surgically removed (emergency appendectomy) before a hole advances in the appendix (perforation) and spreads the infection to the whole abdominal space (peritonitis).This spread to the entireabdominal space may become a life threatening.Before performing the procedure, the gastroenterologists would perform some tests to ensure gravity of the problem. If it is infected, it has to be removed before being spread. 

Symptoms of appendicitis/appendix

  • Abdominal pain 
  • Abdominal pain may be worse when walking or coughing
  • Fever usually occurs within several hours
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Rectal tenderness
  • Chills and shaking 

If you experience any of the mentioned symptoms, contact a healthcare consultant in India to book an appointment. Viezec may help you get the best hospitals and quality accommodation in India within your budget. Reputed hospitals perform the procedure by using latest machines and thus save you from the pain and educe the healing time. Apart from choosing the hospital and fixing up the appointment, it will also help you in the documentation. 


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