Thyroid Removal Surgery in Delhi, India

Thyroid Removal Surgery, Cost & Treatment in India

Thyroid removal surgery in India is safe with some of the best thyroid hospitals in India. The procedure is fairly cost-economic in India with the best hospitals and doctors offering the best treatment. The process of thyroid removal is called thyroidectomy. The process is surgical removal of all or some of the thyroid gland. A hemi-thyroidectomy is a procedure which removes a portion of the gland, whereas a total thyroidectomy removes the entire thyroid. We offer health tourism service for Thyroid Removal surgery from our network of healthcare services providers which have the latest techniques and tools to provide treatment and diagnosis of thyroid. Even thyroid cancer is curable if detected early. If you are facing any problem with your thyroid glands, you should consult your healthcare providers as quickly as possible. Surgeons perform the minimally invasive thyroidectomy surgery, which has a number of benefits which is inclusive of less postoperative pain, short hospital stay, quick return to normal activity and better cosmetic results.

What are Types of Thyroidectomy Removal Surgery in India?

    • Hemithyroidectomy
    • Subtotal Thyroidectomy
    • Partial Thyroidectomy
    • Near Total Thyroidectomy
    • Total Thyroidectomy
    • Hartley Dunhill Surgery


Of late, thyroid patients have been opting for robotic surgery, it is an advanced methods which ensures avoiding scars. Most of the Indian hospitals and research centers are well equipped with latest machines and qualified doctors to perform robotic thyroid surgery to avoid scar. If you do not have much Idea about Indian healthcare service providers, you can contact Viezec.

Viezec is a provider of health tourism services for Thyroid Removal surgery and various other treatments and medical conditions. We have an in-house due diligent team of professionals who are well versed with all the data management and handling all the tasks related to visa processing, accommodation handling and ensuring all the paper work is well maintained.

How is the treatment done?

Thyroid surgery is administered under the influence of general anesthesia. Anesthesia is given in form of a liquid injection or gas with the help of a mask. Plenty of monitors are situated carefully on the body of the patient to ensure that the heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen remains at an optimum level during the course of the procedure.

There exist plenty of different types of thyroid removal surgery in Delhi. The thyroid gland is removed with some portion of thyroid tissues still left in the case of subtotal thyroidectomy. Some functions of the thyroid are thus preserved. Total thyroidectomy is done in case the nodules, inflammation, and swelling affect the complete thyroid gland.

A thyroid removal surgery in India ensures that a surgeon makes a single incision or it might shoot up to several number of incisions in the neck area or anywhere around the neck area to remove a part or the whole of the thyroid gland. In conventional thyroidectomy, a single incision is enough to access the thyroid gland directly. Small incisions are required when endoscopic thyroidectomy is desired to achieve. A camera is used to help as a guide for the surgeon.

Who is eligible for the treatment?

When a person experiences side-effects of malfunctioning in the thyroid gland he can opt for thyroid removal surgery in Delhi. Other than that, a person who is currently suffering from thyroid cancer, or the one who has just found out of his or her thyroid cancer can also opt for this surgery. Thyroid surgery aids in correcting hyperthyroidism which happens generally due to an overactive thyroid gland and can also lead to handling noncancerous enlargement of the goiter or thyroid.

Are there any side effects?

Thyroid surgery essentially an effective and safe procedure. Although safe, there exists some side-effects which are inevitable and come aligned with the surgery. The complications that may come with the surgery are inclusive of infection, bleeding and in some cases the airways maybe obstructed due to bleeding. In some cases, a person might show signs of permanent hoarse or weak voice due to which the nerves may get damaged.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

The throat of a patient is bound to feel sore for a few days post the surgery. A doctor may as well prescribe some over-the-counter medications which are inclusive of ibuprofen to deal with it. A person may also develop some symptoms of hypothyroidism after the surgery. In the above case, the hormone levels are well maintained and made to stay under control with some form of levothyroxine.

How long does it take to recover?

Thyroid removal surgery in India generally does not produce any serious side-effect which ensures the person resumes back to normal activities within a day’s time. A person may also be allowed to return home on the day of the surgery itself or may be asked to stay back for a night by the doctor.

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