Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis Treatment in Delhi, India

Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis

Gynecology is a branch of medicine that prominently deals and encompasses all the points and treatment facilities pertaining to overall and especially reproductive health of women. The treatment largely incorporates treatment over organs associated with uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and vagina. It is often misunderstood as the branch that is most effective and handle pregnancy in women while that is the job of an obstetrician. Here are the area of service encompassed in the job role of a gynaecologist, amenorrhoea, dysmenorrhoea (painful and difficult menstrual periods), infertility, menorrhagia (very heavy menstrual periods), fibroids, stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and infections of the female genital area.

Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis

Fibrous strands spiking through the uterus, tubes, ovaries and bowel are called Adhesions. The adhesions are present due to the presence of infections. In majority of the cases it has been found that innocuous adhesions are present and can cause pain, dyspareunia and infertility. Scissors, electric current or laser is used to confiscate the adhesions. Major abdominal operations lead to random and unpredictable scar tissue creation. Intraabdominal scar tissue might be the contributing majorly towards recurring episodes of bowel obstruction, chronic abdominal pain, or both. Laparoscopic adhesiolysis might deliver respite of symptoms in patients with any preceding abdominal surgery with chronic belly pain or recurring bowel obstruction.

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It is a term that encompasses surgery which is performed to get rid of or divide the adhesions so that normal anatomy and organ function can be restored and painful symptoms can be relieved.

In some cases, the adhesions get formed without any visible or known tissue trauma. While in cases of other adhesion formation, it is the part of general healing process, in other cases the excessive scar tissue which develop in disproportionate amount to the original injury is the reason for this adhesion formation. Adhesions hold the prowess to bind the organs of your body or the tissue well-together in a way which begins to inflict upon pain, along with organ dysfunction, or any other symptom related. Bowel obstruction can also fall in the category of one of the symptom.

Adhesions may look like a thin and avascular sheet comprising of tissue which is similar to a plastic wrap or as a thick and vascular fibrous band of adhesions, which is considered in case of more severe and a significantly difficult to remove procedure.

Major abdominal operations are the one which often results in random and unpredicted formation of Intraabdominal scar tissue. Intraabdominal scar tissue is majorly a result of symptomatic bowel obstruction. The Diagnostic Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis Treatment in Delhi is often the most trusted procedure used to identify all and any specific intraabdominal pathology which happens to be the root cause for chronic abdominal pain.

Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis Treatment in Delhi is carried out in the following way:

  • Inspection of the pelvic cavity is carried out prior to the beginning of adhesiolysis since the peritoneum becomes very opaque which is due to the progresses made in the surgery, which happens to be obscuring anatomical definition.
  • Grasping adhesions which are present from the side contralateral to the place where you can easily plan and make the first cut.
  • Division of superficial adhesions is then done to ensure unimpeded access towards the deeper adhesions in case any form of bleeding occurs.
  • Coagulation of thick and the vascular adhesions with the help of bipolar coagulation is done before division is carried out.
  • Cutting of adhesions on both the ends and removal of the tissue rather than mere division is done.

Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis hospital in India follow the above mentioned form of procedure to ensure the work is done well on time.

  • Indications. A person is considered for laparoscopic adhesiolysis in India if the patient suffers from any chronic pelvic pain which persists for more than duration of 6 months or the infertility lasts for more than a year, this is done after ruling out other potential etiologies.
  • Contraindications. The abdominal mass is large enough for preclude trocar insertion, along with bowel obstruction, or the diaphragmatic hernia which are the absolute contraindications.

Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis hospital in India will ensure that the best treatment is offered to you for your particular condition, and the patients are treated to the best potential.

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