Tubal Cannulation Treatment in Delhi, India

Tubal Cannulation

Gynecology is an important branch of medicine which predominantly deals with the effective diagnosis and treatment of ailments that are pertaining to the female reproductive system and are well associated with organs like uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries. Gynecology is known to deal well with numerous and diverse conditions like the cancer and pre-cancerous complications that are associated with the reproductive organs inclusive of ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, vagina, amenorrhoea, it is the non-appearance of menstrual periods, dysmenorrhea is a condition which can be understood as painful menstrual periods, infertility, menorrhagia which can be understood commonly as heavy menstrual periods, fibroids, stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and infections of the female genital area. The procedure of clearing the fallopian tubes is known as Tubal cannulation treatment in India.

Tubal Cannulation

Tubal blocks are instigated by the mucous plugs, debris or the thin membranes which cover the tubal ostia. A fine catheter which is guided via the hysteroscopy that is usually used to wide open these blockages. The tubal cannulation is a highly refined process which is used to clear any and all blockages that are present in a lady’s fallopian tube. Blockage is a common reason which causes female infertility and since the fallopian tubes are susceptible to dirt and surgical impairment. The tubal cannulation treatment in Delhi, India is a process which is the most efficacious treatment in case any blockage appears in the part of the tube closest to the womb. In nutshell, the tubal cannulation is the process that is used to help clear blockages in a lady’s fallopian tubes. Viezec is one of the finest medical service providers all over the globe for patients who are considering low-cost gynaecology surgery treatment in India. We have the most qualified surgeons on board in association with first-rate top hospitals in India. Our motto is to guarantee 100 percent customer contentment by rendering top-quality surgery options at reasonable costs.

Why is Fallopian Tubal Cannulation opted?

A survey affirms that Up to 1 in 6 couples may suffer from subfertility. The reasons that surface behind the condition of subfertility are various and different for different couples but amongst every 1 in 5 couples this happens due to the fact that the fallopian tubes are blocked, this may be either completely or partially, this is known as tubal factor. The function of a normal fallopian tube is crucial in allowing the egg (oocyte) to meet the sperm for fertilization (fusion of the egg and sperm) and to allow the fertilized egg (embryo) to travel to the womb (uterus).

The common reasons that surface related to a ‘blocked’ fallopian tube are inclusive of previous infection, scar tissue along with endometriosis. The blocked fallopian tubes can be taken into notice with either an X-ray test which is called a ‘hysterosalpingogram’ or by opting for an operation that is called as a ‘laparoscopy and dye test’. Tube cannulation treatment in India is upheld by a specific group of women that suffer the blockage, and happen to be in the first and the closest part of the uterus which is called the proximal part which may be treated by fallopian tube cannulation.

Who is eligible to undergo the treatment?

You are suitable for the fallopian tube cannulation if: 1. You have a long-standing history of the subfertility which is due to tubal factor.

  1. Tubal blockage gets diagnosed by two of the following tests: hysterosalpingogram or the laparoscopy and dye test.
  2. The site of the blockage is in close proximity to the fallopian tube with no hydrosalpinx, swollen tubes due to the blockage that appears at the end of the fallopian tube.

What are the alternatives to fallopian tube cannulation?

The doctor will advise you pertaining to the alternatives that exist and increase the chances of achieving a pregnancy. However, generally there exist other treatment options as well that makes the procedure treatment better and effective. Tubal Cannualtion treatment in Delhi, is offered by the best reputed hospitals.

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