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Embryo Donation/Adoption Cost and Procedure India  

Embryo Donation in India and Embryo adoption procedureprogramme in New Delhi, India, has become a popular method in which a donor gives the embryo to a couple who otherwise are not able to conceive and become parents naturally. This method allows a woman, who is unable to get pregnant through her own eggs, to get pregnant with the doctor’s help and medical procedures. The donated embryo is fertilized in a dish before being placed to the uterus (womb). It is a successful process without any risk of pre and post-delivery complications. The embryo donation Clinic in India accepts the donor who can be a neighbor, friend, family member or an anonymous donor. Embryo Donation hospitals in India do not have issue with the donors, but they will perform a few tests before starting the procedure. The technique of embryo donation in Delhi is an extension of the IVF program.

Benefits of hiring a healthcare consultant in India

    • Arranging your treatment at Medical Centers that offer high quality Embryo Donation/Adoption services.
    • Flexible and tailor made packages.
    • Managing flights, visa and accommodation.
    • Liaising with the doctors who will be treating you.
    • Arranging recuperation holidays.
    • Access to leading medical institutions and doctors.


Process of Embryo Donation in India

Usually in an IVF cycle all the embryos formed are not only transferred to the uterus. The 3-4 embryos that get into the fertilization process are used and the rest are frozen for future and further use. The couple who wishes for the IVF procedure are made to ensure that in the first cycle that they may make a pick between choosing to keep embryos frozen for future use. Donate them to needy person and ask them or ask them to destroy. In case of Embryo donation in Delhi the donor eggs and donor sperm, the embryos may be shared by one or more couples, since it’s the genetic connection to either of them. In embryo donation clinic in India here is how it goes:

    • Your endometrium would be prepared with doses of estrogen in controlled amount around 14 days. Post this duration the progesterone will be introduced.
    • The frozen embryos would be thawed and prepared.
    • The embryo transfer is done on around day of 17 of the cycle. A small catheter would be passed through the vagina an cervix into the uterus and the embryos would be placed there.


Tests for the recipient lady

The donor embryos are transferred to uterus prior to some tests needing to be performed. You should be prepared for any and all kinds of prenatal medical screening and provide medical help and obstetrical history this is all done to ensure that you and your family are in safe hands.

Uterine evaluation is done well for the expecting mother, the donor mother’s safety and security.

Check in for any and all infectious diseases, such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Cytomegalovirus, etc. the doctor may recommend STI Screening. The age and general health with the systemic diseases might be considered prior to any embryo transplant.

Risks and Conditions Involved

The process of embryo transfer is very safe and has have had hardly any complications, although very minor and miniscule risks of infection. If you visit the trusted facility you should have nothing to worry about. Pregnancy test would be done 15 days post, if the negativity medications would be stopped and you can get back to the normal periods life. If you get pregnant, the progesterone will support your pregnancy for several weeks later. The same risk and complication as any other woman of your age who conceived naturally.

There are definitely no side effects or negative effects of freezing and thawing the embryos. Infact, the doctors report better success rates with frozen.

Cost of Embryo Donation Hospital in India

If the donor’s embryo is implanted in the uterus, the cost of Embryo Donation in India is half the price of IVF. In India the cost of donor embryos is around $1,200.

Questions to ask before getting donated embryos

    • How old is the female donor and how the quality of her eggs at the time of the embryo creation?
    • Were the embryos good when they were frozen?
    • How many couples would have conceived from the fresh batch of embryos prepared?
    • What the live birth pre-embryo transfer rate of the clinic the time of freezing eggs actually is?

Embryos are oocytes (eggs) that are fertilized with sperm and allowed to get mature to a certain stage where the fertilized eggs can either be transferred fresh into the womb of a suitably treated woman or can be cryo-preserved or frozen at a certain temperature by a process called ‘Vitrification’. Viezec will search a hospital, which will work on behalf of you. We have been in the healthcare industry for an abounding number of years, the rich experience has helped us to provide the best treatment for your particular ailment.

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