Embryo Donation or adoption

Embryo Donation/Adoption Cost and Procedure India  

Embryo donation cost and Embryo adoption procedure programme in New Delhi, India, has become a popular method in which a donor gives their embryo to a couple who otherwise are not able to conceive and thus become parents. This method allows a woman, who is unable to get pregnant through her own eggs, to get pregnant. The donated embryo is fertilized in a dish before getting placed to uterus (womb). It is a successful process without any risk of before and after delivery complications. The embryo donor can be a neighbor, friend, family member or an anonymous donor; hospitals do not have issue with the donors, but they will perform a few tests before starting the procedure. The technique of embryo donation is an extension of the IVF program.

Benefits of hiring a healthcare consultant in India

  • Arranging your treatment at Medical Centers that offer high quality Embryo Donation/Adoption services.
  • Flexible and tailor made packages.
  • Managing flights, visa and accommodation.
  • Liaising with the doctors who will be treating you.
  • Arranging recuperation holidays.
  • Access to leading medical institutions and doctors. 

Embryos are oocytes (eggs) that are fertilized with sperm and allowed to get matured to a certain stage where the fertilized eggs can either be transferred fresh into the womb of a suitably treated woman or can be cryo-preserved or frozen at a certain temperature by a process called ‘Vitrification’. Viezec will search a hospital, which will work on behalf of you. 

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