IVF Surrogacy Procedure & Cost in India

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IVF Surrogacy in Delhi NCR, India is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and fully functional laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic tests. The IVF surrogacy programme has been launched for women who are unable to conceive or single parents who are looking to enjoy parenthood. World class facilities along with capable staff has enabled the infertility treatment providers to achieve an outstanding success rate. They provide everything under one roof and do not leave any stone unturned to help infertile couples achieve their dreams of parenthood. The cost of IVF Surrogacy Service in India is also affordable. International couples are also opting to choose India as women are easily available to become surrogate, just for their satisfaction not for money.

Types of Surrogacy Process in India:

IVF surrogacy in India takes place in different forms:

Traditional Surrogacy – A woman is artificially inseminated with the male sperm. She then carries the couple’s baby for nine months and delivers it for the couple. Hence, she becomes the biological mother of the baby, that’s because she fertilized her egg with the inseminated sperm. There can occur a situation when a donor sperm might be used.

Gestational Surrogacy is frequently chosen by domestic as well as international couples struggling with issues of infertility due to the benefits of health tourism in India for IVF surrogacy are. Some of the common benefits include:

    • The opportunity to have a child genetically related to both parents.


    • The opportunity to be highly involved in the pregnancy and birth of the child.


    • The rate of success is very high.


    • Surrogacy is a faster process than adoption. Who uses a Surrogate?


Surrogate might be opted due to plenty of reasons:

    • Medical condition that may cause problems with the uterus.


    • Hysterectomy procedure being done on you, which means your uterus was removed.


    • Heart disease or any related condition that makes it difficult to conceive naturally.


All this and more might be the reason for you considering IVF surrogacy in India. There are other methods you can resort to as well and those would also require patience as well.

Surrogates have made parenthood a reality for the people who can’t bring in a life into this world and think of adopting a child instead. The age, marital status and various other factors can turn out to be a befitting reason for the same.

If gay men wish to parent a child, they can use the traditional surrogacy approach, one of the partner’s sperm will be inseminated in the body of surrogate. The surrogate then carries the baby and gives birth to your child for you. The couples might also resort to the other method where in the egg donor is chosen, egg is fertilized and the donated egg is then embryo implanted to be carried until birth by surrogate.

Who can be the surrogate?

It is always considered the best to ask someone you now to be your surrogate, it can get controversial in the case, but it is still a known female carrying your baby for you. The high cost of surrogacy and all the legal complications that come with the procedure tend to worry most people and hence family relationships come to the rescue. This might create a rift if things go haywire.

There exist surrogate agencies that help people find the right person to carry on the task. They have plenty of connections who are ready to conceive on your behalf for the handsome some of money you are going to pay.

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