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Laser assisted hatching treatment in Delhi, India has become popular with in vitro fertilization technique. This fairly new invention in the healthcare sector has increased the efficiency of IVF and ICSI treatments. Laser assisted hatching technique is not only cost effective, but also less complicated as compared to others. This procedure is advised to couples whose IVF and ICSI treatment procedures don’t turn out a success. Indian hospitals and fertility clinics are well equipped with modern devices and expert surgeons who carry out each procedure with perfection and at cost effective rates. The technique has become common as it takes minimum time and does not expose the embryos to potentially adverse chemicals, hence ensuring that the embryos spend less time out of their optimal culture conditions.

Advantages of Laser Assisted hatching treatment in India

    • Laser assisted hatching requires minimum time.
    • The procedure does not expose the embryos to potentially adverse chemicals, so embryos spend less time out of optimal culture conditions.
    • It also requires significantly less physical manipulation of the embryos.
    • The implantation improves pregnancy rates.


Laser Assisted hatching (AH) is a new technique, which is used during some of the IVF procedures. It is preferred to help the embryo hatch out of its protective layering and implant directly into the uterus. Viezec may help you search the best laser assisted hatching hospitals in Delhi NCR and clinics in India. It will also provide translation and accommodation services to its patients.

Who should consider Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment?

The process of Assisted Hatching is highly recommended to those infertile couples in the following cases:

    • When the woman trying to conceive is 38 years or older.
    • In case the woman has high stimulating hormone level.
    • Infertility that can be not explained.
    • When the couple has tried IVF cycle and still found no positive outcome.
    • If the fertilized embryos utilized intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
    • Frozen thawed embryos.



Who can use Laser Assisted Hatching?

Laser Assisted hatching hospital in India incorporates the treatment with In Vitro Fertilization process for enhancing the chances of embryo implantation. It is required when:

    • Your female partner has attained an age of 38 years.
    • If the women faces issues like endometriosis, which makes the implantation of embryo a difficult task.
    • If the quality of egg is poor and not upto the expectation.
    • The follicle stimulating hormone elevates on the third day after the ovulation, at this stage the implantation also becomes difficult.
    • The couple who have experienced and undergone the in vitro fertilization cycle for once or twice previously but have failed to conceive, despite the good results otherwise.


Laser Assisted Hatching Procedure

Laser assisted hatching hospital in India incorporates delicate procedure that needs sophisticated instrumentation and great skills. Here are the steps for the same:

    • Drilling with acidified Tyrode’s solution – There is a dish that contains culture solution, this culture solution holds the embryo that is held in pipette. The embryologist inserts a hollow needle which contains the acidic solution and places it next to the zona pellucid. This whole procedure creates a hole. After cleaning up the embryo it is transferred to uterus solution which is placed back in the incubator.
    • The partial zona dissection which is a mechanical opening by the glass micro needle.
    • Laser photo ablation which is either a hole that is made on the partial zona or zona pellucid, the thinning is done using laser. This aids more precision and less time investment.

The rate of embryo implantation has improved and bettered because of assisted hatching being employed widely.

Benefits, support and success rate for Laser Assisted Hatching

According to evidences, AH improves the outcome of an IVF treatment. It majorly varies depending on every different individual case. The age of woman also acts as an important factor, woman between the ages of 35 to 39 years’ experience 50 percent chance. With advancing age stages the success rate lowers. Viezec can arrange for the best free of cost opinions from various super specialty hospitals before doctor’s consultation from the experienced doctors that belong to our network of hospitals.

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