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Oocyte or Egg Donation Procedure in India

Oocyte or Egg Donation Procedure in India is a wonderful option for the aged women or women with ovarian failure or women with defected ovaries. In this procedure, the hospitals are not required to freeze the eggs as fresh eggs are required for efficient handling. The hospitals and clinics would advise you to bring your own donor. If you fail to do so, they would manage it for you through their Egg Donation centre in India. With more and more childless couples looking for the help of fertility hospitals and clinics, oocyte or egg donation for the purpose of help has been on the rise in India. If you are looking for the procedure at cost effective rates, then you should consider India.

Terms for qualification of the process.

    • Women plan to get hitched later in the life. By the time they start planning children they are already nearing the fourth decade of the life. Women can conceive naturally at this stage of life. 10-15% of the women fail to conceive during this age. The age group of 37-40 years is considered as the crucial stage. Infertility treatments have hence become popular and widely used.


    • The tender age of 40 makes the eggs count fewer in the ovaries and also affects the quality of eggs produced. There may also occur a situation where the women might even lose the ability to produce eggs which is called menopause. Till now, women were resorting to adoption method as a way to have children. Oocyte donation in India has emerged as a befitting treatment.


    • The preference is given to younger couples to adopt children. Couples that have crossed the age of 45 can resort to adoption. There are certain governmental and legal formalities that need to be taken care of.


    • Egg donation can be performed on women who have undergone multiple cycles and have still not succeeded in getting pregnant. Oocyte donation in Delhi has emerged as a befitting treatment for the women who wish to conceive.


    • The menopausal women or the elderly ones have witnessed and experienced that egg donation procedure in India can be incorporated in the lifestyle of younger women who are facing the issue of prematurely failed ovaries. The young women have undergone radiation & chemotherapy for cancer, this destroys the eggs and hence these women have failure in the ovaries.


    • Egg donation canter in India have come up with major chromosomal defects so that they don’t pass it onto as a genetic defect to the children.


    • Patients that have been suffering from serious ailments like Tuberculosis and severe case of Endometriosis may be producing poor eggs quality and hence can be treated and cured by egg donation.


How does the screening of donors take place?

Usually when it comes to Oocyte donation in India the eggs are borrowed from healthy women less than the age of 30-35 years and the one who isn’t suffering from any kind of illness or genetic disorders whatsoever. The young women addressed as donors are screened for AIDS and Hepatitis as well. The family history along with other important medical factors are also taken into account to ensure that the donor meets every prerequisite of egg donation procedure in India. There is no bar or clause that suggests that the women ought to be married, even unmarried women hold the capability to become an efficient donor.

How is the procedure done?

Oocyte donation in India is done with utmost care. The babies and the staff coordinates the cycle of donor and recipient, this helps accomplish a fresh embryo which holds higher chances of getting pregnant. The cycles are brought in synchronization incorporating medications and series of facilities that help aid better help to the uterine environment.  During the egg donation procedure in India the doctor gives injection to produce eggs. These eggs then ripe and removed from vagina to insert them into abdomen. The donor can in turn return home within three to four hours prior the procedure.

What is the age limit of the recipient?

Any women with no contraindications to pregnancy and decent medical and genetic indication holds the capability to make the cut. The current safe age limit is considered 55 years of age. A psychiatrist and a physician are present on site to assess the recipient with everything they might wish to gain an understanding on. The analysis is necessary prior to child birth.

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