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Testicular Sperm Aspiration (TESA) Procedure in India 

TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration) procedure is common in India among infertility clinics and hospitals in which a needle connected to a syringe is sent through the scrotum skin to get the fluid available inside the testicle. Testicular Sperm Aspiration TESA IVF Treatment in India is a cost effective and hazard free procedure in New Delhi, India. Multi-specialty hospitals and research institutes of India try their best to help each couple coming from different parts of the world.

People from all over the world are approaching India as their trusted and reliable healthcare destination as the country provides reduced healthcare treatment, and is also home to the availability of latest medical technologies, and offers services as per the compliance on the international quality standards. Patients that visit India are sure to get internationally accredited medical facilities using the latest technologies and highly qualified Physicians/Surgeons with the help of experiences hospital support staff. Viezec, being a veteran in the healthcare sector, helps them get the best hospital or institution as per the services one needs.

TESA which stands for Testicular Sperm Aspiration is amongst the modest technique in the fields of IVF treatment. It involves extraction of some tissue by utilization of Biopsy procedure and little amount of anaesthesia. TESA IVF Treatment in Delhi, India is made available for the patients who are in desperate need and search for some befitting treatment.

Who can use TESA IVF treatment in India?

It is advised for the couples who are facing fertility issues. Many of which are defined below:

    • Patients with blockage in parts close to the testis.
    • Patients with blockage within ducts of testes.
    • Ideal for male partners with sperm count too low to be fit for reproduction.

The poor sperm quality and the inability of them to reach the ejaculate is the primary reason that leads to infertility but still the condition which widely causes the infertility problem is unknown. There are various advantages of utilizing TESA. It has also managed to induce in the couples a sense of speculation and concern to use the genetic substance from evolving germ cell for the procedure. It is advised that one must conduct this test to study the results rather than experimenting on the animals for genetic stability. TESA IVF Treatment in Delhi India is a less expensive procedure as compared to the expensive injection procedures.

Success rate of TESA

The rate of success of sperm retrieval through the surgical procedures are similar to one another. Thus, the rate of TESA and PESA are both quiet similar and both can be performed by means of diagnostics. Pain and swellings are the side effects that patients face during TESA procedure. Although the needle used is same as that used in sperm retrieval through surgeries. TESA has been used widely in the surgical retrieval areas through sperms and is preferred for men widely. The success rate of the procedure is noted somewhere about 25% for every treatment cycle. The patients are made to undergo repetitive cycle of treatment. The treatment is advised for men who face issues in helping the women conceive naturally.

Why is TESA required to be performed?

TESA IVF treatment is performed in the following situations and cases widely:

    • When the ejaculation has NIL sperm count or 2-3 million/ml, both the cases are considered as NIL sperm count. The treatment may be required in such cases.
    • When the male doesn’t ejaculate at all, then TESA is required as well to extract sperm out.
    • When the tube that carries the semen is blocked, then also it is advised to perform TESA to retrieve the sperms for IVF.
    • TESA is a smart choice when the vasectomy procedure has been already done. The retrieval of sperm is better in TESA as compared to the vasectomy reversal.
    • There can be multiple reasons that will aid as an indication for TESA, such as poor sperm mobility, morphology, successive IVF failures and the insufficient number of sperms available. All this and more leads to TESA IVF treatment.


There are plenty of TESA providing centers spread across the globe, the issue arises when you are supposed to make a choice between choosing for the one that works the best, employs best technique and assures results. Viezec, is your trusted medical tourism consultant that provides you the best hospitals and doctors from its network to help you attain efficiency in your treatment. If you are in search for a cost effective and efficient treatment in India then you must consider visiting India for the treatment. Viezec will help you with all your medical procedure formalities. We stay with you from initiation through conclusion an even after the procedure. We have a team of due diligent team members who are always in a lookout for providing you the best procedure and treatment.

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