Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer (ZIFT)

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Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer (ZIFT) Method in India

Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer (ZIFT) procedure is similar to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Embryo Transfer, but there is a only one difference which is that in ZIFT the fertilized embryo is placed into one of the Fallopian Tubes in place of the uterus. This procedure of placing fertilized embryointo one of the Fallopian Tubesis also known as Tubal Embryo Transfer (TET) as the fertilized egg is directly moved into the tubes. The cost of Zygote Intra-Fallopian Transfer (ZIFT) procedure in India is economical and hospitals are well equipped with latest machines so no risk involved. In addition, the procedure is cost effective in India. 

Ideal ZIFT patients

ZIFT is one of the Assisted Reproductive Procedures, a selected form of treatment to cure many infertility issues, barring a few where:
  • There is a blockage in Fallopian Tubes
  • The Fallopian Tubes are significantly damaged
  • The uterus has an anatomic issue, like scrupulous intrauterine adhesions
  • The sperm are unable to penetrate an egg

The females must have healthy tubes for ZIFT to work. This procedure may be recommended for patients who have at least one normal fallopian tube and who have had several unsuccessful IVF attempts. Viezec may help you search the best hospitals and clinics offering IVF treatment within the budget of everyone. Apart from accommodation, documentation is also done by the health care consultant.  



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