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  • Nephrology Treatment in Delhi, India

    Kidney treatment in India keeps your kidney safe for years. Termed as “silent” disease, kidney diseases are often unnoticed by many as symptoms do not appear in the beginning. In the absent of one kidney, a person can survive with dignity and enjoy life. But the absent of both the kidneys, no one can survive as filtration the wastes will be affected which results in vomiting, nausea, fatigue and itching leading to complete weakness.The Department of Nephrology of New Delhi, India offers comprehensive care across the spectrum of kidney diseases ranging from transplantation to dialysis. There are many well equipped hospitals and institutions in India offering kidney treatments including dialysis and transplantation. Apart from low cost, they ensure fast recovery, enjoyable and proper caring atmosphere. 

    Nephrology treatment in India offers best services  

    There are a number of hospitals and institutes well equipped with cutting edge technology, world class modular operation theaters, dedicated KT-ICU and devoted team of nephrologists, anesthetists and post-operative staffs ensure complete healing of a patient. In addition, the team of experienced nephrologists, nurses, and certified haemodialysis technicians along with registered dieticiansis also recognized for their superior clinical skills and treating all categories of patients from children to elders. They are performing minimally invasive surgical techniques for instance the state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic surgery to treat prostate, bladder and kidney problems.

    Affordable kidney transplant in India

    Affordable kidney transplant in India is attracting a number of patients from all over the world. The process involves a healthy kidney needs to be placed in the body of the patient. The donor may be anyone from family members, friends to a dead body. This procedure in India is cost effective as most of the hospitals and institutes are well equipped with the latest procedures and skilled teams. Patients with kidney diseases from all over the world are flocking in India due to economic cost and best services. They have world class state of art modular operation theaters, dedicated OT&ICU and dedicated team of Nephrologists, Anesthetists and post-operative staff.

    Kidney dialysis in New Delhi

    Sometime, healthcare service providers in India prefer kidney dialysis for a short period, in case the patient is waiting for a kidney transplant. Dialysis is the process of alleviating wastes and impurities from the blood and it is done when a person’s kidney doesn’t function properly.  The kidney stops working due to a number of reasons such as kidney failure, severe diabetes, a congenital kidney disease, hypertension or other health problems.If the patients do not qualify for the transplant, then life-long dialysis will be needed.

    There are two types of kidney dialysis

    Hemodialysis: a machine called a dialyser is employed to filter the blood.
    Peritoneal Dialysis: The abdomen is filled with a glucose-based liquid via a small hole created in the peritoneal membrane.

    How to prepare for a renal transplant?

    If you are advised for a renal transplant, then you should explore Indian institutes and hospitals, where the procedure has been getting carried out frequently. After you’ve selected a transplant center in India, you will need an evaluation to determine whether you meet the center’s eligibility requirements for a kidney transplant. If everything goes as per the requirement, the doctors and other supporting staff would start the procedure. Once the procedure gets completed, they keep you on observation for a few days. Thereafter; they release you and ask you to meet once in a while for checkups. 

    How to get a donor in India?

    The donor may be anyone from your family or friends, generally family members are preferred as there is a minimal chance of rejection. While considering the kidney, the healthcare teams would perform some tests to decide a good match for you. If the patient does not have a suitable donor, then his name would be placed in a waiting as the number of donors is far lesser than the actual requirement. Indian healthcare sector is compatible to perform the surgery and provide after surgery recover. 

    Stay healthy and pleasant

    Whether you have been through the transplant or waiting for a donor, the doctors will work for your health and safety. The doctors would advise you some medications to stay healthy and wealthy. Regular healthcare checkupsare performed to check your condition on a regular basis. Stay in touch with your transplant team and other supporting staffs and let them know of any significant changes in your health. Regular checkups are also advised to stay healthy. Sometimes, such a complication gets away with regular medication and complete lifestyle changes.

    Treating kidney disease by stem cell institutes in India

    Indian Stem Cell Institutes have developed new stem cell therapies to repair kidney damage, reducing the need for dialysis and transplantation.It is a unique therapy as the number of donors five times lesser than needy ones. Healthcare scientists and researchers have got breakthrough in Growing Kidneys from Stem Cells. They are perfect and work as kidneys so there is no need of transplantation. The grown kidney in full size can pass urine with ease. On the other hand, the process is cost effective as well. It completely removes the need of donor. 

    Viezec assistance

    If you are visiting New Delhi, India either for kidney transplantation or stem cell treatment for the kidney, you need our assistance in visa, language translation, search a good and economical hospital. In addition, it also helps international patients with pick /drop from/to airport. The main function of Viezec is to search the best hospital for a particular disease as each hospital has different specialization. A kidney transplant patient needs a hospital or institute which is famous all over the world for kidney transplantation at cost effective rates. 
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