Burr Hole Surgery in Delhi, India

Burr Hole Surgery

During burr hole surgery one or more of the holes are made into the skull, this is done in order to release excess fluid pressure which is built up in the brain. This issue is caused by blood clot in the brain or better known as chronic subdural hematoma. This procedure is advised to be performed only under administration of local anesthesia.

The Burr Hole Surgery in India is performed under supervision of a neurosurgeon who is specifically trained to take care of the brain and spine surgery, this practice which involves the brain, spinal cord, and other related parts is known as neurosurgery. Before this surgery, the scalp area is shaved and cleared up so that the procedure doesn’t complicate due to hair. The skin is then prepped up with a special solution that is well-designed to get rid of and eliminate the germs which are present on the surface of the skin. This skin prepping is done either immediately prior to the surgery or post the anesthesia.

The patient undergoing Burr Hole treatment in Delhi, India will be intubated and placed on a ventilator if they fail to receive assistance with breathing even after the administration of sedation. The anesthesia will start to show its effect within moments and will help the patient be positioned for impending surgery.  The procedure may be performed by using various supports for various parts of the body like supporting the head with towels, pillows, and head pins to hold the head still in desired position to undergo surgery.

The initial incision that is made to the scalp ensures that the skin is pulled away from the site of surgery. A specialized air drill is designed to stop the drilling after the skull is well penetrated and is used to prevent any injury that may affect the brain. Once the burr hole surgery in India is completed, an incision is additionally made in the Dura, that is the tough covering which is present in the brain. The dura looks like a thin film, but one thing to note is that it is quite strong and must be moved aside. This is then followed by draining procedure, the fluid is drained out from the affected area. Once the procedure is successfully concluded, the dura is stitched together and the skin is then placed back to the normal position and the stitches or the staples are used to close the incision.

Basis, the nature of the surgery, the area might be slightly covered with dressing or the head area might be wrapped absolutely with bandages.

Burr Hole Drainage Recovery

There happens to be no fixed standard burr hole recovery stage and method. In acute cases, the patient might be left unconscious and later administered upon and treated in the intensive care unit (ICU) for instance a Neuro ICU or the one which is called surgical ICU for several days or even weeks post the surgery, the patient will be closely monitored by the medical staff at the hospital. This gives permission to the patient to administer constant attention of the nursing staff pertaining to the complication signs. In other cases the patients may be asked to stay wide awake and may also be absolutely normal in behavior even though they emerge from anesthesia. It is suggested that the patient takes pretty good care post the burr hole surgery in India as the infection may easily reach the brain.

Why Burr Hole Treatment is necessary?

A burr hole surgery hospital in India opt for the brain surgery when there happens to be an issue in the brain that requires addressing and being treated upon surgically. In order to gain a complete access of the brain tissue, the skull part must be opened up to provide access to the brain. In most cases of brain surgeries, a simple hole in the skull is the most efficient way to treat the illness or injury of any kind.

There are many reasons which support the fact that a neurosurgeon must perform brain surgery. Burr hole surgery in India is useful and helpful to remove a blood clot.

  • To release the pressure build up on the brain.
  • To get rid of a tumor.
  • To administer a larger incision like the one with a craniotomy.
  • To get help with seizures.
  • To get rid of any foreign object.
  • To keep a keen eye and monitor the pressure build-up inside the skull.

The burr hole treatment in India is cost-effective as compared to the same procedure in developed countries. India extends cost-effective medical treatment with no compromises on the quality of treatment, whatsoever.

Burr hole drainage surgery in India is performed by reputed and highly qualified neurosurgeons. Viezec is amongst the supreme medical tourism service provider extending its service and varied range of treatment for the patients with the best suitable treatment. The medical tourism service provider carefully works for both domestic and international patients. Hospitals in Delhi, India are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques to perform burr hole surgery. The procedure in India is highly popular since the cost of procedure is low and yet the quality of treatment is on point.

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