Vagus Nerve Stimulation Treatment in Delhi

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Hospitals and healthcare centers in Delhi, India are well equipped with the latest machines, tools and techniques extended by skilled surgeons who perform the most complex treatments with ease, inclusive of Vagus Nerve Stimulation treatment in India. The vagus nerves are a pair of nerves that start in the brain and run through the other body parts as they work to send and to receive the messages, transferred between the brain and the body. Vagus nerve stimulation comprises the implantation of a generator that stimulates the nerve and diminishes the seizure activity. For most of the people, the vagus nerve stimulation is absolutely safe and hassle-free.

Vagus nerve stimulation utilizes a device that helps stimulate the vagus nerve with using electrical impulses. An implantable vagus nerve stimulator is used which is FDA-approved, it helps treat epilepsy and depression greatly. There exists one vagus nerve on every side of the body, running from the brainstem through the neck to the chest along the abdomen.

In case of conventional vagus nerve stimulation, a device is carefully implanted beneath the skin using surgical procedure on the chest, a wire is then threaded under the skin, and this connects the device to the left vagus nerve. When the nerve is activated, the device sends an electrical signal along the left vagus nerve to the brainstem, this then sends signals to the certain parts of brain. The right vagus nerve isn’t utilized since, it’s more likely to carry the fibers which supply the nerves to the heart.

The realm of Vagus Nerve Stimulation treatment in India is changing with the introduction of new and improved minimally invasive procedures which help the patient by better treatment procedure which is affirmed, tested and approve in Europe.

Why is Vagus Nerve Stimulation done?

Vagus nerve stimulation has affected about one-third of the people suffering from epilepsy who fail to fully respond to the anti-seizure drugs. Vagus nerve stimulation is a procedure which helps reduce the frequency of seizures amongst people who are still in search of achieving complete control over their condition with use of medications.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved vagus nerve stimulation treatment for people who fall under the following category:

  • Are of age 4 years or older
  • Experience focal which means partial epilepsy
  • Affected by seizures which aren’t well-controlled with using mere medications

The vagus nerve stimulation treatment has been affirmed to be of use and heals the patients suffering from depression who:

  • Suffer from chronic or hard-to-treat depression. This is known as resistant depression.
  • No improvement even after trying plenty of medications or the electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), or in some cases both.
  • Continuous standard depression treatments which are accompanies with vagus nerve stimulation

How must the patient prepare for the surgery?

It’s imperative that you carefully take into consideration the pros and cons of the implanted vagus nerve treatment in India. Ask the doctor’s opinion as to what exactly must be expected out of the surgery and post the surgery.

Ask the doctor what you stop taking, and what medications you must start before must time to get the best results of your treatment.

Before the procedure

Before the surgery the doctor at the Vagus Nerve Stimulation Hospital will help you with a physical examination. You may require to undergo blood tests or related tests to ensure that you don’t suffer from any health concerns which may turn fatal in the future.

During the procedure

The Surgery is done on the outpatient basis, though some of the surgeons may definitely recommend staying overnight for the procedure.

The surgery usually lasts for about 60 min to 90 min. You may be kept wide awake but administered suitable medication to numb your surgery area with the help of local anesthesia. The surgery takes place with two incisions being made, one on the chest or around the armpit (axillary) region, and the other incision is made anywhere on the left side of the neck.

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